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Air fryer: what it is and what it is used for

Air fryer: the name is deceiving

If the name fried brings to mind industrial quantities of oil, the "air" version chooses to use a minimum quantity and exploit healthy, diet-friendly technology. The comparison between classic frying is the air version, it is more similar to the use of a convection oven. The food is crispy and golden, ready in a rather limited time.

In short, it seems that the use of the air fryer has a multitude of advantages and disadvantages that are almost eliminated. Moreover, the fame of this appliance is growing dramatically and the element demonstrates the indescribable potential of the product which aims to become almost as irreplaceable as the classic oven. Different foods, multiple processes and delicious preparations capable of making your mouth water.

Where does this electrical devilry come from?

The air fryer made its first commercial appearance around 2010 when Philips Electronics Company patented the first version. A small appliance perfect on the workbench that offers rapid cooking similar to a classic fryer, almost completely eliminating both the caloric capacity and the annoying smell of oil that persists after more or less substantial frying.

Usage is very simple:

  • The food is placed in the removable basket and cooked thanks to the heating of the internal grill.
  • The cooking chamber allows you to adjust the temperature which is triggered thanks to the heating of the oil placed in the appropriate section.

Therefore, the air fryer works thanks to the combination of factors: heating element and fan.

How do you use the air fryer?

The structure of the appliance is designed in such a way as to simulate real frying, with the total immersion of the food in a pan full of oil, without however compromising the caloric capacity. The air envelops the food which, thanks to the fan, is wrapped in a very thin layer of oil, necessary and sufficient for complete cooking just like the real thing.

The temperatures of the rest show how similar the two cooking methods are, assuming degrees that oscillate between 180 and 360°C. The heat envelops the food uniformly and allows the Maillard reaction, the same that occurs with BBQ and grilled beef, thus forming that delicious and inviting crust which, at first sight, turns crunchy and golden.

What foods can be cooked with the air fryer?

The comparison, in terms of operation and cooking, with the ventilated oven allows you to broaden the range of action and go beyond the classic "light" French fries. In the air fryer you can cook many foods, some more suitable and others less. From free-range chicken to beef, through to Milanese cutlet and meatballs.

In the air fryer you can cook everything that today goes through the convection oven, you need to respect some precautions:

  • If it is chicken you can avoid adding oil since the fat present in the food offers the right compromise to achieve crunchiness.
  • The meatballs must be placed on the grill with care and attention, preparing the mixture in such a way as to avoid flaking.
  • The Milanese cutlet, on the other hand, lends itself to perfection, after all it is a "classic fried dish!"

Fry whatever you want, and with the air version, the guilt is zero! Try our Air Fryer Chicken Nuggets recipe : you won't be able to do without them anymore.

Meat, fish and vegetables and fryer

The idea of ​​using the air fryer for some recipes allows you to best complete your Sunday barbecue. The reason is very simple, if there are ribs, ribs and T-bone steak on the fire, you need another space in which to cook the chips that can be enough for everyone and maybe even the battered vegetables or who knows what other idea has come out of the hat . In short, you need space and you need it immediately.

This is why the cooking speed that this appliance allows becomes gold, especially if guests are arriving and you need to entertain them without turning your back and concentrating only on the stove. The desire to amaze becomes the perfect starting point for adding the appliance to your kitchen. Do you need ideas? Soon new interesting ideas and quick and easy recipes with the air fryer and meat! The Carne online Genuina blog is always buzzing!