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Maldon Salt

Knowing the potential of primary and non-primary ingredients allows you to create delicious and flavourful dishes. It's easy to say steak, but if you observe the tricks of the trade you too will be able to say: "My gourmet steak!"

One of the basic ingredients for many dishes is salt : there are different types, from blue to pink, black salt, fine salt and coarse salt. Suitable for all preparations , they differ in small or large characteristics that contribute to modifying the flavor of the dish. Maldon salt is no exception, and thanks to its many characteristics it manages to enhance the umami taste so dear to carnivores.

Maldon …what? This is where gourmet salt comes from

Maldon is a small town in the county of Essex in England . Thanks to its location, this city has been an important maritime hub since the Middle Ages.

Pack of Maldon Salt

The geographical location and climatic conditions offer a large production of this particular type of salt: the low rainfall and the marshes fed by the tides are essential natural elements for the success of Maldon salt.

Today there is only one company in the world that produces Maldon salt and its family management allows small tricks of the trade to be passed down from generation to generation which guarantee an elite product used in the best starred kitchens.

The company is called Maldon Crystal Salt Company and to remain faithful to tradition it has chosen to follow a collection method that has its roots in ancient practices. In fact, Maldon salt is harvested by hand following traditional customs. This is also an element that makes it rare and sought after.

Respect for traditions is the added value of many family-run companies like ours which manage to offer products with attention to detail and sometimes the result of particular processes. Our boxes are an example of how particular cuts of meat can coexist with other more well-known ones. Visit our shop to find out more and discover delicious recipes to offer!

How is Maldon salt produced ?

The first building adjacent to the salt pan was built in 1823 , and is still in operation today, as a tangible sign of the presence of an important product that allowed the world to know and use Maldon salt.

The production method, which has undergone slight changes to date , begins with high tide when the brackish water passes through specific filters and is purified and channeled into special tanks . Below there are special pipes which, thanks to the steam and high temperatures, eliminate further residues and impurities.

The process unfolds inside other tanks which, with lower temperatures, allow the water to evaporate and favor the creation of the pyramid-based crystals which represent the best-known aesthetic characteristic of Maldon salt.

In these tanks, small crystals slowly begin to form on the surface. Due to surface tension they float a little under the surface of the water. The crystal grows horizontally and continues to sink in the central part, thus forming a hollow inverse pyramid until water enters the pyramid causing the crystal to sink.

Subsequently we proceed to drain and transfer the salt with specific equipment: shovels and frames . The operation is the most delicate as it risks ruining the crystals , and for this very reason the company chooses to follow the ancient traditions handed down by the family management.

Why is Maldon salt called gourmet salt ?

Used especially in starry kitchens , Maldon salt differs from its similar products both in form and substance. Thanks to its composition it manages to give a strong and targeted flavor capable of enhancing the taste of the meat it accompanies.

Crunchy and crumbly at the same time, it goes perfectly with different preparations, maintaining its protagonist status thanks to the size of the crystals which slowly melt on contact with the palate.

In fact, traditional salts are smaller in size than Maldon salt which comes in flakes : hollow pyramidal crystals that the English prefer to call " flakes ". The unique shape allows for greater friability and crunchiness which does not weigh down the flavor of the dish it accompanies but rather amplifies it .

Even to the touch, the Maldon salt crystals appear delicate, so much so that they crumble between your fingers.

Its uniqueness is given above all by the singular shape which allows a considerable increase in the flavor of the dish.

Maldon Salt and...

Maldon salt is not used in cooking , it is preferable for already cooked dishes that need a touch of extra flavour. Gourmet salt has a rich and well-defined flavour, which is why it is preferable to avoid combining it with overly tasty spices .

The perfect match is found in meat or fish. In fact, Maldon salt releases all its potential when associated with a food with a delicate flavour . Also excellent on salads and mozzarella, the flakes manage to offer a strong and concrete flavour.

If you want to dare you can add Maldon salt to chocolate biscuits, the spicy notes of cocoa have always perfectly combined the salty taste that an ingredient like Maldon salt can offer.

Cakes, chocolates or small truffles are the perfect solution to bring to the table an apparently risky combination but with a guaranteed result!

Italy is the home of good food and thanks to the use of gourmet products such as Maldon salt it manages to enhance special preparations even more. To find a perfect match and experiment with new, little-known cuts of meat, choose one of our boxes ! And bring innovative dishes to the table!

Our offer ranges in different cuts of meat that lend themselves to the preparation of tasty dishes where Maldon salt can have its say, suitable for all occasions: Fiorentina Porterhouse , Tomahawk, BBQ Box are just some examples that allow you to have the cut of perfect meat!

Home made Maldon salt

Dabbling in preparing delicious dishes is easy if you know how! It starts with choosing the right ingredients, and why not? Enjoy creating new 0 km ingredients. Maldon salt is a particular product, rich in taste and characteristics that make it unique. Nonetheless, it is possible to create a similar ingredient capable of accompanying delicious dishes, here's how!

The proposed experiment is suitable for those who want to try their hand at being an expert chemist. The result will not be as gourmet or as valuable as the original Maldon salt, but it will be able to satisfy everyone's self-esteem thanks to the preparation of a home made product.

The ingredients are: water, salt and patience to taste

Add sea salt to two bottles of water until the liquid can no longer absorb the salt: this creates a saturated solution of sodium chloride.

Leave to rest at least overnight and heat the oven to 80°C.

Using a large pot, empty the bottles and add more water until it completely covers the surface of the pot.

Check the oven temperature: at 82°C you will start to see salt crystals forming . Let the water evaporate until you have obtained the desired amount of home made Maldon salt.

Remove from the oven and gently sift the mixture . Your home made Maldon salt is ready. Zero kilometer gourmet product!

Where can you buy Maldon salt?

Maldon salt is available in our store ! The possibility of combining well-known and less common cuts of meat with a particular salt rich in characteristics has never been so easy! Choose it if you want to offer delicious dishes and dare with particular combinations.

You will find particular and traditional recipes capable of integrating all the ingredients and surprising your guests! For this reason, we try not to leave anything to chance and alongside meat we offer combinations such as oil , beer and even Maldon salt!

Check out the recipes to find your next cooking experiment!