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Asado vs asado de tira

What is Asado?

Asado is an Argentine delicacy - one of many - and can be compared to the Italian roast . The word Asado means cooked on the grill and the difference with the Italian relative is precisely the type of cooking which, for the Argentine Asado can be subjected to four methods - and strictly on the grill!

The four cooking methods are: parilla, en cruz, chulengo and - in the version most similar to Italian - on a spit. However, the Argentine asado is something special and involves a different cooking process compared to what is proposed in South America: the banderita. In short, comparing the Argentine asado to a classic roast is rather reductive, however to remember the flavour, the tenderness of the meat and the particular accent of the cut a comparison can be made. Perhaps the perfect way to bring a respectable asado to the table is to prepare it according to the Argentine tradition.

Banderita method

The Argentine asado is a real must that gathers countless acclaim especially among those who respect the methods of preparing meat according to tradition. In Argentina there are two ways to cook it, both respect the concept of banderita: that is, serving a plate of meat cut into 2 centimeter slices.

  • The first procedure is Guatia. The cut of meat is cooked underground after being wrapped in a special skin.
  • The second, however, is of more recent origin. Peceto, the meat is first stewed and then accompanied by pasta.

Chicken asado

Grilling is a method widely used in South America and thanks to the mischief acquired dish after dish, other specialties were born which today are enjoying relative success. The asado “a la espalda” is a sort of large skewer that is offered with the more classic chicken dish - cooking including vegetables to give more flavor to the meat. Argentina also chooses to cook the fifth quarter of the chicken and, thanks to the cooking method, they can offer many delicious and tasty solutions. When it comes to the fifth quarter, we need to remember the chorizos or morcillas: tasty sausages perfect for completing the barbecue or proposed as a tasty appetizer.

Asado de tira

Confusing asado with asado de tira is a common mistake, knowing the difference is important as it allows you to bring excellence to the table without falling into banal misunderstandings. In short, choosing the perfect recipe for the cut of meat you are preparing to put on the grill is the perfect starting point for a wow result! The peculiarity of asado de tira is the specific part of the cut of meat from which it is obtained: a strip of ribs located between the 3rd and 4th rib of the cattle. The ribs must be cut transversally and thanks to this detail it offers extraordinary results in terms of flavours.

Difference Asado and Asado de Tira

The main differences between the Asado and the Asado de Tira are:

  • The position from which the roast to be placed on the fire is obtained;
  • The extraordinary marbling of the second verse is something in common with the first;
  • The maturation of the Asado de Tira which, being a fine cut of meat, requires greater attention.

In both cases it is a good idea to choose a light marinade that is not too defined in terms of flavour, so as to keep the softness of the meat intact. The traditional course of the dish also requires a certain amount of care in choosing the cattle from which the cut of meat is obtained: absolute preference for the Angus and Herford breeds. The last detail to underline is the type of cooking which, in its traditional version, prefers medium cooking. In short, the question of details is back in fashion and brings to the fore a refined delicacy that requires attention to be offered at its best.

Asado like the Argentine one

The typical South American dish made its appearance in the Pampas area and over time achieved dominance both for its delicate and strong flavor at the same time and for the ease of preparation. The long cooking requires little attention which is concentrated above all in the preparation phase of the cut of meat. The need of the place is to continue carrying out work tasks without overdoing it with complicated culinary preparations, the asado lends itself to perfection.

Today, cooking asado means bringing a dish to the table that brings the family together. The long cooking forces the diners to spend time together, the desire to share thus becomes a perfect added value of the typical dish. The asado, asado de tira or asado de pollo, it doesn't matter, what matters is bringing a dish to the table to share.

Italian cuts of meat "almost like asado"

The idea of ​​maintaining faith in the Argentine tradition must inevitably pass through the flames, otherwise it cannot be defined as Asado and the first impressionable principle decays. However, Italian cuisine also offers truly spectacular solutions in terms of roasts! The royal roast is a cut of meat whose name allows you to quickly understand all its potential: slow cooking which translates into tasty and tasty meat. In Italy it is above all the side dish that makes the difference: polenta and mushrooms for a top autumn! The solution you don't expect is represented by beef fish which lends itself to grilling and becomes the best home made asado there is. The cut of meat is, therefore, the starting point for obtaining an extraordinary result. You need to choose and sharpen your ingenuity by choosing 100% Italian, quality meat!