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Beef Jerky

6 curiosities about American dried meat

American dried meat: a curiosity of taste

Jack Link's Beef Jerky, a variety of jerky, is a very popular snack in the United States. Although the sodium content is quite high, it is a lean and protein-rich food option.

Although it may seem strange to replace a packet of crisps or classic croissants with dried meat as an afternoon snack, this type of food is very popular all over the world. Here are some facts about Jack Link's Beef Jerky that might surprise you.

Dried meat and curiosities

The origins of Beef Jerky

The Quechua people, originally from South America, are thought to have invented shredded beef around 1550. Their goal was to provide Native Americans with a protein-rich, easy-to-carry food option on long, hot journeys. searing without causing the meat to go bad. In fact, dried in the sun and salted, the meat could last for prolonged periods, even in adverse climatic conditions.

The meaning of Beef Jerky

The word Jerky is a transliteration of the Native American term "charqui", which literally means "dried meat". This dish was typical of the Old Wild West and remains popular today.

A growing market

Dried meat snacks represent a growing industry in the United States - but also in the rest of the world - with revenues estimated at $3.5 billion. According to some industry experts, the global market for dried meat snacks is expected to grow even more in the coming years, thanks to the growing demand for convenient, tasty and healthy protein foods.

Indeed, Beef Jerky producers are trying to innovate and expand their product range, introducing different meat varieties, exotic flavors and organic or gluten-free options to meet the demand of increasingly demanding consumers.

Additionally, the rise in popularity of beef jerky snacks isn't just unique to the United States, it's spreading across the globe, with a strong presence in Europe, Asia and Australia. In fact, in many countries, dried meat has traditionally been a highly appreciated food and this has helped create a loyal consumer base.

Dried meat production process

Producing Beef Jerky requires a lengthy drying process that can take several hours, depending on the variety of meat used and the drying method. During this process, water is extracted from the meat, reducing the moisture content and preventing the growth of bacteria. This process makes Beef Jerky a long-lasting and easy-to-transport food option.

What does dried meat taste like?

While maintaining the typical taste of meat, but saltier and more concentrated, Beef Jerky is available in many varieties of meat, including turkey, pork, salmon and elk, and is flavored with spices that give a unique and particular flavor to each cut of meat that is used to prepare it.

Beef Jerky in space

Since 1996, NASA has sent astronauts into space with a supply of beef jerky. For astronauts, this represents a way to obtain meat protein in a space where food supplies are limited or difficult.

A high protein option

Each 30 gram portion of dried meat is equivalent to approx. 90 grams of fresh meat. One of the reasons why Beef Jerky is a much appreciated snack among athletes is because it contains a high protein content. Each 30-gram serving of beef jerky provides approximately 12 to 15 grams of protein, which is nearly 25 to 30 percent of the recommended daily amount for an adult.

Beef jerky is also a good source of iron, zinc, and vitamin B12, which are important for maintaining a healthy immune system, blood health, and proper functioning of the brain and nervous system.

Furthermore, since dried meat is a lean food and low in saturated fat, it is also a great option for those trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy and balanced diet and is also a popular snack for athletes.

However, it is important to keep in mind that beef jerky also contains a significant amount of sodium. Therefore, if you choose to include Beef Jerky in your diet, it is important to control the amount of sodium you ingest and balance with other low-salt foods.

Dried meat and large-scale distribution

The dried meat that we can find in our shopping centers such as the dried meat from Liddle or Carrefour, are not exactly original and often have wordings or packaging that recall American dried meat.

If you want to taste Italian dried meat, try the one that comes from Lazio "the cuppiette or couples of dried meat", the one you can taste in Trentino or in other places that we recommend in our dedicated article " Salted meat or dried meat? Ideas from the world ”.