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Barbecue recipes you didn't imagine

Unusual dishes to cook on the grill

When the good weather arrives, Italian tradition is linked to the preparation of barbecues and grills.

Although the weather may not always be favorable, many abandon the comforts of the table to eat grilled meat outdoors and in company.

Everyone has their own favorite place, in the park, in the garden or on the balcony, and their own list of trusted friends to invite to the event, but to obtain a perfect barbecue menu, adequate techniques and advice are needed.

Among many typical preparations known to all, in this article, we have decided to collect and suggest some unusual dishes to cook on the grill that can give a signature and gourmet touch to our barbecues, making all summer barbecues unique.

What can you cook on the barbecue?

We all think of barbecue as a preparation reserved exclusively for classic meats such as Florentine steak, pork ribs or grilled chicken. However, the use of the barbecue can go far beyond these traditional dishes and can become an opportunity to experiment and create unique and original dishes.

Some foods that might surprise you with their versatility on the grill include pizza, oysters, mussels, bread, apricots, bananas and even vegetable formats.

Cooking these foods on the barbecue not only makes them tastier and more fragrant, but also creates a unique and fun cooking experience that can bring families and friends together around the grill. Discovering new recipes is always exciting and barbecue is perfect for doing it!

What to grill on the barbecue besides meat?

The barbecue can be used to prepare very different and original dishes, in addition to classic meat. Grilled oysters, barbecue pizza, barbecue bread and barbecue spaghetti are just a few of the many ideas for experimenting with new culinary possibilities on the grill. Want more ideas? Here's what to grill instead of meat .

Grilled oysters

Cooking on the barbecue is not just about meat, but can also be extended to other foods, such as grilled scallops or oysters. In fact, large shelled molluscs like oysters are a fantastic ingredient for summer barbecues and can be prepared in several ways.

One of the simplest recipes involves grilling scallops or oysters on the shell side with a sauce made of butter, garlic and lemon. The butter will melt in your mouth along with the creamy texture of the oysters, making it a truly tasty dish.

BBQ pizza

Another surprising treat to prepare at the barbecue is pizza. Cooking the pizza on the barbecue gives the base a perfect crunch and the smoky flavor of the wood gives the toppings used a unique taste.

For a good barbecue pizza, be sure to prepare the base in advance, using high-quality flour and ingredients. Once the base is ready, place it on the grill - even better if you use the one with a lid - and sprinkle it with your favorite seasoning. Among the most famous recipes, we find the margherita pizza, the white pizza with ricotta and spinach or the pizza with sausage and peppers.

Barbecue bread

Another interesting option for cooking on the barbecue is bread. Again, cooking on the grill gives the bread a smoky, crunchy flavor that makes it very different from traditional bread.

For a good BBQ loaf, just brush the bread with a little olive oil, grill it for a few minutes and serve hot. Barbecue bread is perfect for accompanying grilled meat, for eating salamelle or for preparing sandwiches for a super tasty dinner.

Barbecue spaghetti

Barbecue spaghetti might seem like an unusual choice, but it's actually a surprising treat.

After cooking the spaghetti in the usual way with water, add a little olive oil and fresh tomato sauce, then place them on the grill forming a little nest for a few minutes to let the smoky flavor take on. The result is a pasta dish rich in flavor and with a crunchy texture.

Vegetarian recipes cooked on the barbecue

Small aside for those who don't eat meat. Both recipes can be customized based on tastes and available ingredients, and are perfect for an outdoor summer dinner. Additionally, they are an ideal choice for those who follow a vegetarian diet or who want to add more variety to their grill menu.

Grilled vegetable flan

The barbecue is not just for meat, but can also be used to cook delicious vegetarian recipes, such as grilled vegetable casserole.

The preparation is simple: just cut the vegetables into cubes, for example courgettes, aubergines, peppers, onions and tomatoes, and cook them on the grill together with rosemary leaves, garlic and parsley.

Once cooked, the vegetables are placed in an aluminum BBQ pan, covered with a mixture of eggs, grated cheese, milk and flour, and then cooked directly on the grill to create a soft and tasty flan.

Stuffed potatoes on the barbecue

Another original idea for the barbecue is stuffed potatoes in foil. Simply cut the potatoes in half, gently scoop them out with a spoon to create a gap, and stuff them with a variety of ingredients like grated cheese, bacon, herbs, and even sausage.

Once filled, the potatoes can be cooked on the grill, or directly in the embers after having tightly closed them in foil, for about 20-30 minutes, until the skin becomes crispy and golden and the filling melts in your mouth.

In summary, grilled vegetable casserole and stuffed potatoes are just some of the many vegetarian recipe ideas for the barbecue. Experimenting with different types of vegetables, seasonings and fillings can lead to discovering new flavors and creating original and tasty dishes. Whether it's a casual dinner with friends or a family meal, these vegetarian barbecue recipes are a healthy and delicious choice.