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8 Curiosities about Picanha

Everything about Picanha

Picanha is one of the finest cuts of meat and typical of Brazilian cuisine. The original meat comes from cattle of Brazilian origin, known as Nelore. This meat is loved for its texture, tenderness and unique flavor.

But, more generally, the name Picanha defines the typical particular and triangular cut which in Italian corresponds to the rump of beef. In this blog post, we will explore all aspects of Picanha, from its origin to the best way to slice.

What is Picanha called in Italian?

In Italy, Picanha is known by the name of "beef tail" or "punta di sottofesa". This cut of meat is increasingly present in the best meat restaurants in Italy and is loved for its very high quality.

In the country of origin, it is usually cooked on holidays or on Sundays, when Brazilians usually make "churrasco": the traditional barbecue which involves the use of a large variety of white and red meats of which Picanha is one always the protagonist.

What does Picanha taste like?

Picanha has a very particular and intense flavour. It is a very succulent and tasty meat, thanks to the presence of intramuscular fat on both sides which makes it soft. Its meat has a unique texture, which makes it perfect for cooking on the barbecue. When cooked to perfection, Picanha has a strong and very tasty flavour.

Why is it called Picanha?

Picanha takes its name from the Portuguese word "picana", which means "to prick". The term refers to its shape, which resembles a dagger. Picanha is a cut of meat found in the rear part of the cattle, near the tail. It is also known as "quadril tail", which means "hip tail" in Portuguese.

How is Picanha made?

Picanha is a cut of meat found in the upper part of the beef loin. It has a triangular shape, with one side covered in a layer of fat. The shape and size always vary based on where you decide to buy it; our Picanha guarantees you a layer of fat of at least 1.5 cm. The Picanha is made up of three muscles: the gluteus maximus muscle, the gluteus medius muscle and the gluteus minimus muscle. Intramuscular fat makes the meat soft and succulent.

How much does Picanha cost at the restaurant?

Each restaurant has its own price list based on the type of meat, the supplier and the origin of the meat. In our online butcher shop 1.7 kg of Picanha costs €40.70.

How is picanha sliced?

The Picanha must be sliced ​​in a particular way to enhance its goodness. First, you need to remove the excess fat from the meat. Next, you need to create slices of meat by cutting the Picanha by hand, following the direction of the muscle fibres.

This way of cutting meat is called "sirloin". The slices must be approximately 1.5 cm thick and should be cooked on the grill or barbecue for approximately 5-7 minutes per side, depending on the thickness.

How to marinate Picanha?

In our article “ 5 Marinades for Grilled and Baked Picanha ”, you can find many tasty ideas for marinating meat to perfection!

How to Cook Picanha Steaks?

Tradition requires a particular cooking method for this meat: rigorously cooked directly over the embers, on the fat side, and placed at a height that varies between 15 and 60 cm from the flame, depending on the degree of cooking you want to obtain .

It can be grilled by placing it directly on the "grill", or on a flat or V-shaped "skewer". During cooking, the fat that gradually melts adds flavor to this meat, giving it its typical full-bodied flavour.

As experts say, the secret of the flavor of meat lies in the fat. In fact, it is able to "trap" the aromatic compounds that come from foods and then return them to the palate, once the meat has been cut and tasted.

W the Picanha steak!

Picanha is a fine cut of meat that has its origins in Brazil. Thanks to its succulence and intense flavor, Picanha has become much loved throughout the world.

Where to eat Picanha? Now that you know what it is called in Italian, how it is made, why it is called Picanha, how it is sliced ​​and how it tastes, the answer is your home! You can buy your own Picanha and prepare a delicious barbecue for your friends and family.