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August 1st : grilled meat day

August 1, 2021: grilled Italian meat

Having any excuse to organize a barbecue with friends is always a good idea. Celebrating World Barbecue Day and creating special dishes, rich in flavour, extravagant, classic and curious is a fantastic incentive to light a fire and arm yourself with useful equipment - craft beer included! -. When it comes to partying, especially on warm summer evenings, the first thought is to organize a barbecue: a homemade table laden with every delicacy, a respectable cut of meat that slowly cooks on the grill, the fire that it crackles and creates that amazing crust, the spices (a top secret topic for any master griller) and…a group of friends and family.

Thinking about the barbecue can be translated into a jovial and convivial moment in which to laugh, joke, eat and praise the master griller who can receive a myriad of compliments or an avalanche of insults - in a good way, eh! We need to avoid the second hypothesis, here's how.

Meat for barbecues: how do I organize myself?

Anyone preparing to sit in front of the barbecue for the first time must have some rules clear:

  • For some, barbecue is a real cooking philosophy, which is why it is necessary to approach it sparingly
  • when it comes to spices and seasonings, it is a good idea to choose specific preparations such as seasonings for grilled and grilled meat for the type of meat, so as to be sure of accentuating the flavor
  • the preference of the main ingredient must comply with some rules such as cuts of similar size and above all coming from certified farms, the BBQ box is a perfect concentration of healthy habits!

Once these three simple rules are clear, you can proceed towards designing the perfect day, in full American style and with the absolute certainty that the barbecue meat present on the grill (or already on the table) is of Italian origin and, translated, healthy and Genuine!

Pulled pork with claws

Cuts of meat for the big party

In terms of cuts of meat, you can choose many variations ranging from the classic to something more particular, unique, capable of capturing the scene for the preparation methodology. The example that most fits perfectly is pork , or rather pulled pork which, in addition to slow and careful cooking, becomes the protagonist of the preparation intended for plating, truly particular, anything but predictable, incredibly good!

Even chicken meat can become the protagonist, thanks to the cockerel. Or grilled beef awakens the palate of many, the sense of smell of most and the taste of all, here too you can dare with particular cuts of meat capable of surprising, you just need to know how to choose! Genuine meat is the online butcher's shop that tells and collects particular cuts of meat, perfect for the occasion, among the most particular there are DOP cured meats , the Flintstone steak, the classic Fiorentina and much more. For August 1st you just need to choose, there is little time left, hurry!

Mixed grill in the times of social media

The race to the most spectacular table is at the starting "grids". Are you ready? There is two news: one good and one bad. Let's start with the bad one; Even beginners can try their hand at preparing grilled meat and then share the result of so much effort on social media. The only precaution is not to be overwhelmed by the spectacular preparations you will see coming from overseas, they are specialized over there.

The beauty: there are no limits! Anyone can delve into the magical world of grilled meat and experiment with risky combinations, bizarre ideas and classic recipes. The most popular and official hashtags of World Grilled Meat Day are: #BarbecueDay and #GlobalGrillDay . A unique experience to share with loved ones. In addition to grilled meat, you can also bring to the table special side dishes from the grill, such as asparagus or sweet potatoes. In short, for one day, the limit to the imagination is truly banished!

World Grilled Meat Day

Let's celebrate the grill!

August 1st is therefore a day to mark on the calendar with a fantastic, permanent and clearly visible marker. And, if you needed more motivation to choose genuine meat from farmers who prefer the traditional supply chain to the industrial one, just remember that the week begins with the grill and continues with the interest in the farmers. In fact, from 1 to 7 August, the week of the national farmers' market is celebrated, which highlights the problems and excellence of the sector. Sometimes we tend to take for granted what nature offers us, proposes and makes available, but we need to remember that there are people who choose to dedicate their work towards respecting these sometimes long times.

The preference towards the integration of the times of nature rather than towards industrial facilitators allows the final consumer to bring to the table a healthy and genuine product in name and in fact. Learning to read the labels of product origin (both animal and vegetable) is a good starting point which leads to the preference of purchasing from a retailer that respects certain values ​​rather than others.

August 1st is grilled meat day

The farmer and the breeder

The works that recall direct contact with the earth have ancient origins, they were born even before industry and therefore sometimes seem to clash with the habits or beliefs of the current world. Choosing to delve deeper into these values ​​means getting closer to the world of the past and rediscovering the right times, rhythms, why not, values. The farmer, as well as the breeder, must (and wants) to obey the rules that nature imposes to offer a product that is truly healthy and genuine. Over the years, the European Union has drawn up protocols that impose certain rules ranging in different areas, from fertilizers to antibiotics, this to offer a clear distinction between what is purely industrial and what derives almost exclusively from the cycles of nature. The final consumer must and can choose. Once again it's a question of choices...Have you found the perfect tasting box to celebrate World Grilled Meat Day?