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7 settembre

Salami day : bread, salami and tradition

Italian salami DOP and IGP: today they are celebrated

Salami Day is a celebration that highlights one of the most popular culinary treasures in the world: salami.

This annual celebration offers a special opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and flavors of Italian artisanal delicatessen, which boasts an ancient tradition and an incredible variety of tastes and aromas.

Let's explore how Salami Day was born, how to recognize high-quality artisanal salami, and we will take you to discover the richness of Italian cured meats.

Salami Day: a celebration for taste lovers

Salami Day is a culinary celebration whose main objective is to celebrate one of the most iconic and loved delicatessen products in Italy and around the world: salami.

This day, created in 2006 by overseas cousins, offers the perfect opportunity to respond to hits of spice and discover the delights of Italian cured meats, with their incredible variety of flavors and regional styles.

How to recognize a quality artisanal salami?

To fully appreciate Salami Day, it is essential to know how to recognize high-quality artisanal salami. This requires an expert eye and knowledge of some distinguishing characteristics.

From appearance to texture, to scent and flavor, there are many facets to consider. A very short summary?

  • The salami pulp must be a beautiful bright red and appear compact to the eye. Flavorful at the right point and not excessively salty.
  • The list of ingredients is very short: a defined percentage of spices, salt and other natural flavors such as black pepper are added to the minced pork meat and fat.
  • The cut of meat from which the meat to be minced for salami is obtained comes from the shoulder, fillets, loins, coppa or thigh.
  • The scent? It must be reminiscent of a cellar: intense and not too musty or acidic, obviously spices permitting!
  • The casing must detach easily from the pulp without too much difficulty. The color must be gray and slightly green.

You can delve further into this topic, and become a true salami sommelier, by consulting our guide on " How to Recognize an Artisan Salami ".

Some local salamis made with love and to perfection? Look below and discover them in our online butcher's shop.

What are the best Italian salamis?

Italian cured meats represent a precious gastronomic heritage that must be preserved and enhanced.

They are the result of a long tradition that skilfully mixes high quality ingredients, artisanal techniques passed down from generation to generation and a deep respect for raw materials.

One of the most fascinating things about the world of salami is its incredible variety. Each Italian region has developed its own distinctive cured meats over the centuries, often linked to local gastronomic tradition and the ingredients available in abundance.

From the spicy salamis of Southern Italy to the sweet salamis of the North, there really is a wide range of flavors to explore.

Italian DOP and IGP salamis by region

In telling the story of Italian salami, we can discover and tell many varieties of salami in order to increasingly enrich our personal baggage and have the possibility to carefully choose from a vast range of products and purchase the right ones based on the occasion.

In addition to the regions with the greatest varieties such as Lombardy and Piedmont, with 16 fantastic salami recipes: each region preserves its own tradition and its own production method which varies depending on the master butcher's beliefs. By now we know, in our beautiful country there are truly salamis for all tastes!

Here is a super short list of the best Italian DOP, IGP salamis and those of note:

  • Veneto : Suppressed PDO
  • Tuscany : Tuscan Salami, Finocchiona PGI Salami, Cinta Senese Sbriciolona, ​​Garlic Salami, Buristo
  • Emilia Romagna : Strolghino salami, PGI sauce salami, PGI and PDO feline salami, PDO Piacentino salami
  • Piedmont : Salamino Cacciatora DOP, Salami Piemonte IGP
  • Lombardy : Mortara PGI goose salami, Varzi PDO salami, Brianza PDO salami, Cremona PDO salami
  • Sicily : Salami Sant'Angelo PGI
  • Calabria : Soppressata DOP
  • Veneto : Sopressa Vicentina DOP

Be careful, we know that a list like this is almost reductive, which is why there are some articles that will do much more honor to the great variety of our Italian cured meats.

Bread and salami recipe

If recipes with salami seem simple to most, choosing salami with the right taste and balance for a recipe is a complicated matter.

To celebrate Salami Day in style, there is nothing better than preparing a dish that combines the tastiness of salami with the goodness of bread.

By preparing a simple and tasty "Pane a Salami", you can combine your love for good food with Italian culinary art, creating a dish that will delight the palate and nourish the soul.

Whether you are passionate about cured meats or new to them, Salami Day is an opportunity not to be missed to explore the world of Italian cured meats and share them with friends and family.