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International Salami Day

#SalamiDay historical notes

Italy and Italian cured meats boast an indissoluble bond, difficult to separate, perhaps impossible. This is why when in 2006 the aforementioned international celebration of one of the tastiest cured meats arrived from overseas, it was up to the Bel Paese to impose its authority and show what it is made of. Fat, succulent, tasty and spicy. This is the best part of the salami, but there is much more.

Virginia gives birth to the Festival, Italy takes its credit and chooses to underline the vastness of flavors that can be added to a platter of cured meats and cheeses, each of them coming from a specific part of Italy and with the own peculiarity. Bergamo has various excellences that lend themselves to being an integral part of cured meat appetizers or an excellent ingredient in a particular recipe: fusilli, cream and sausage, are just a basic example.

Cured meats from Cremona, a significant detail

Since its arrival on the market, Cremonese salami has enjoyed fantastic success. From 26 to 28 October various events in the area are enriched with flavours, tastes, aromas and smells. All it takes is a quick search on the internet to browse the flavors of the area and taste local specialties that range from sweet flavors to more intense, full-bodied and extravagant ones.

Choosing a salami is a complicated matter in addition to your own taste, you need to understand how to best combine them, which is why recipes with cured meats become essential to enhance a particular ingredient.

Cremona is a magical place when it comes to salami, various typical products with the PGI mark that boast several awards at national and even international level. The event allows us to bring to light different aspects of the traditional art of making salami: the processing and the millesimal choice of the quantities to add - or remove. It takes mastery!

Salami: a tour of Europe

The fact that Italy is on the "never again without" podium regarding recipes with cured meats does not exclude other European records or rather, particular areas capable of producing excellence valid for competing on equal terms.

Spain shows its character with chorizo ​​which, from the undisputed prince of tapas, becomes the flagship for a culinary tour in the country of los toros.

Among its typical cured meats , Hungary has something fabulous, composed of thin grain and perfectly worked dough, it becomes the perfect ingredient to add to Emmental.

Sweden proposes itself with the Falukorv.

Poland with Kabanos.

Although there are many possibilities across the border, you can easily stay within national borders to taste different - perhaps very many - varieties by moving from one province to another. Those who love sweetness lean on the Bergamo salami, those who prefer spicier tones go down there, near the boot and take the opportunity to share a slice of bread with the soppressata.

We from here, you from there: a plate with cured meats

The choice is complex and in these cases indecision is the perfect solution! The cold cuts and cheese platter can be enriched with a single element in many variations.

Carne Genuina chooses to propose different solutions that lend themselves to perfection with and without cheese accompaniment:

  • Local salami to best enjoy the art of creation from Bergamo who loves to accompany a slice of bread with such a tasty salami.
  • Salamino Sünì another super classic solution for an ordinary Bergamo native who meets the curiosity of an ordinary foreigner.

The local choice is to add slices of toasted polenta, or creamy cheese, or omelette, and many other solutions that are part of the local tradition. The solution to choosing your own personal ranking is to taste!

Special cured meats and salamis

Salami is a product obtained from pork, and in addition to this simple encyclopedia definition, a clarification is needed. There are other possibilities for creating a salami:

  • chocolate which, with a particular history, comes from North Africa and becomes an integral part of the Sicilian tradition: cocoa takes the place of chocolate, and is immediately a delicious variant.
  • Deer and game : particular solutions, with a spicy and sometimes intense flavour, to please you need to love game, in any case you need to try!

From the Romans onwards, this seems to be the starting point of the history of salami even if it is not clear when it dates back. What matters in the present moment is cutting the perfect slice and enjoying something spectacular, in any version!