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Aphorisms and sayings about meat

The best phrases about meat and eating for a truly perfect barbecue!

Food, in addition to being one of the greatest protagonists in Italian culture, is also the protagonist of the art of the word: the cornerstones of every Italian who combines the love of good food with the noble art of dialectics, ways of saying and of covert communications. Here, meat, in addition to often being on the table of Italians, is also the protagonist of aphorisms and ways of saying about it that abound on the lips of all of us in everyday communications.

If we want to be prepared for a respectable barbecue, or always have the right joke or proverb at the right time, mastering the noble art of irony can help us lift our spirits or spend a few minutes happily waiting for the meat is ready.

In this regard, we have selected a collection of quotes on meat, proverbs and sayings about meat and eating, tested by a true master griller who, in addition to guaranteeing the correct cooking of meat, really knows everything about meat. Some quotes were said by famous people, others we can find in famous films and others were posted on social media by users (which is why they remain anonymous). Now all we have to do is give you a good read!

Quotes about eating and aphorisms about meat

Phrases and aphorisms about eating

“Eating is incorporating a territory” – Jean Brunhes

“A recipe has no soul. It is the chef who must infuse soul into the recipe” – Thomas Keller

“You don't have to cook excessive or complicated dishes: just good food from fresh ingredients.” – Julia Child

“If you think well, you cook well.” – Ferran Adrià

“Inviting someone to lunch means taking charge of this person's happiness during the hours they spend under your roof.” – Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

“Cooking is a love story. You have to fall in love with the products and then with the people who cook them.” – Alain Ducasse

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if he has not eaten well.” – Virginia Woolf

Phrases and aphorisms about barbecue and grilling

“Every time we have a barbecue, it is as if man lights a fire for the first time in history.” - Fabrizio Caramagna

“Life is like a barbecue. There is always someone who sweats all day so that others sit and eat.” - Anonymous

“There is no event more in line with the idea of ​​“being together while eating” than attending a barbecue.” - Roberto Piadena

“It's difficult to resist the primordial charm of the grill. And what has been cooked on the grill – barbecue embers or fireplace, it doesn't matter – has been cooked for thousands, millions of years.” - Licia Granello

“The air today is 22% oxygen and 78% barbecue scent.” - Anonymous

Phrases and aphorisms about steak

"The only time you should eat diet food is while you're waiting for your steak to cook." -Julia Child

“I don't eat red meat, but sometimes you need a steak.” - Gwyneth Paltrow

“Cloquet hated the reality, but he realized it's still the only place you can get a good steak.” — Woody Allen

“What century is this, in which steaks are considered rubbish?” - Totò

“My favorite animal is steak.” - Fran Lebowitz

Idioms and proverbs about meat

What does it mean to put too many irons on the fire?

What happens if we put too much meat in a pot, on a grill or if we have to manage multiple cookings at a time? It could happen that not all cuts of meat are cooked properly, in fact it would be difficult to manage cooking times or turn all the pieces. Therefore, in the kitchen - as in everyday life - it is always better to avoid committing yourself and accept carrying out too many jobs or projects at the same time to have an overall success. Let's try to understand the proverb and not carry out too many things at the same time, following the right timing to make sure we get everything done.

What does it mean to have salami slices on your eyes?

This proverb is easy to understand, in fact having slices of salami (or anything else) before your eyes will not make you able to see the facts as they are or the reality you have in front of you, recalling precisely the thickness of the slice of salami. Not seeing the most obvious things that are in front of us, in the collective imagination this expression is used to indicate a person who is not very perceptive, who is not able to notice situations or facts that are more evident or visible to most people.

What does all smoke and fire mean?

We often use this phrase or metaphor on meat to indicate someone who promises, talks too much or inappropriately and - in fact - it's all smoke and no fire: a lot of noise (or blah blah) but in the end there isn't even anything good to be had in the pot. to eat (or to draw). Or, someone who tries to be something they aren't, personable, well-spoken, like a nice steaming pot on the stove, but who ends up being nothing interesting, lackluster, or (in the case of meat) not very tasty. .

What does it mean to fall from the frying pan into the fire?

What happens when we cook the meat wrong? What if we cook a piece of meat in a pan but then decide to put it on the grill and it all burns? You end up with a ruined, burnt or otherwise worsened dish. Here the metaphor with everyday life is useful, we often find ourselves in embarrassing situations but which we just can't get out of or fix; in an attempt to improve the situation we try to take action but ruin a critical situation (like the pan) by adding the load and making it worse (even trying to cook on the grill).

What does it mean if the meat is cooked quickly and a lot of it is thrown away?

Also in this case, life and cooking come together in very wise sayings. If we prepare a meat-based recipe, we know that we must manage the cooking times very well based on the cut of meat we want to cook: see as meats that require long cooking. Roasts, braised meats or even our beloved Asado require many hours of slow cooking, so if we want to speed up the cooking and raise the heat or temperatures we will create a lot of damage: overcooked meat on the outside and raw on the inside . So to do something well we need to follow the right times, otherwise we could throw away many hours of work and energy.