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5 reasons not to go to all you can eat

All you can eat: neither meat nor fish

The all you can eat formula requires the customer to eat until his belly is full of apparently good and tasty food without placing the slightest emphasis on the quality of the product on his plate. It must be a lot and a little of everything, nothing more and never less. This detail alone should make well-intentioned people resist approaching places that offer the formula, even more so if it involves 100% Italian meat and BBQ.

Fashion is the only reason that leads someone to offer the best Italian meat in this formula, only to then discover that in reality it is not real and exclusive quality meat, but something similar, a substitute. In short, it's a bit like going to buy clothes when the sales are winding down, you can find quality products: few and mixed with others from collections that have gone out of fashion.

Italian cuisine: the value of the ingredients

The first reason that slows down the choice towards any all you can eat is the preference for healthy, genuine and above all Italian ingredients. There's no need to go around it, if the raw material is good it usually costs money, and no, a restaurant that presents itself as all you can eat doesn't focus on quality, but rather on quantity. The online butcher's shop offers valid solutions and ample margin space to broaden one's views and realize that the cuts of Italian beef to be first choice and offer the typical flavor must be treated according to the rules and therefore the production cycle undergoes an increase of costs.

However, choosing delicious ingredients does not coincide with exorbitant prices, nor with below-cost products obtained from who knows what production chain. This is why you can bring 100% Italian meat to the table without spending stratospheric sums and at the same time have the certainty that the ingredients are healthy, genuine and come from certified supply chains whose primary objective is quality rather than quantity. Details and questions of letters.

Fresh Italian meat. Satisfied and happy

Beef and the many quick recipes we can try find ample space in the world of the web which, thanks to targeted and well-structured insights, allows us to acquire important knowledge about the food we bring to the table. The preference of online butchers compared to an inviting all-you-can-eat restaurant (only on paper) becomes a question of knowledge. Proposing particular recipes with the preference for Italian organic meat as the first objective is, especially in recent years and thanks to the exponential increase in e-commerce dedicated to meat, very simple indeed.

Carne Genuina offers different solutions that lend themselves to satisfying the palate of those who want to approach the world of barbecue or prefer to bring traditional recipes from the place where they grew up to the table. In short, no matter the reason, you need knowledge which, combined with a good purchase, allows you to move away from decoys like all you can eat and get closer to healthy, genuine and much tastier foods!

Meat cattle breeds: raise the flag!

An aspect of considerable importance that must induce the consumer to prefer the classic restaurant rather than the all you can eat formula is the choice of having selected Italian beef on the plate. If it is true, as it is, that the very popular formula becomes interesting only for suppliers, the downside is that it is and will be only the consumer who loses out. In fact, the restaurateur must "bring grist to his mill" and to have the place full he must pay attention to what the market requires. Does everyone want all you can eat? Perfect, we adapt by choosing second choice meat, opting for the addition of flavorings and who knows what other devilry with the result that, on the palate the meat is good, but in terms of quality there are enormous and innumerable doubts.

After all, in order to remain open and overcome fixed and low costs, the restaurateur must also have an economic return, otherwise it would be charity and no, these are not the times to open the doors of any commercial activity "aggratis". Good, but not great. Here is another valid reason to admire the remarkable poster that offers yet another all you can eat and choose the classic restaurant, apparently sad and disconsolate, located next to the bright and attractive chain. I choose quality meat, even better if Italian, I eat well, without any ifs or buts.

Cuts of Italian beef and the tasting menu

It's wrong to lump everything together. Thinking that tasting menus are a sort of ratatouille for cleaning up the kitchen is just as true. The reason is easy to say: tasting menu created with the head means letting the tourist on duty taste what the area offers. Excellence, PDO and PGI products thus find a wide margin of movement and can become a driving force for respectable tourism. The choice to purchase products online and use online butchers becomes a valid aid in giving a preview of the products that are produced exclusively in the area, becoming a truly exceptional attraction. The world of the web offers different solutions and thinking of adding a tasting menu to an e-commerce that prefers to use traditional methods becomes a perfect combination capable of increasing trade in the area. In short, the path seems to be: try on site, buy online to rekindle the memory of the experience.

All you can eat. A fad in decline

Just stop for a moment, reflect on the situation, on the pros and cons to affirm with absolute (and resolute) certainty: "All you can eat, thanks but also no." Well. Maybe very well. Now that the clear and obvious reasons have been clarified why it is better to choose a typical restaurant that puts attention and dedication in the cooking and preparation of the dishes in the search for ingredients, all that remains is to have fun and try first hand to create typical dishes of the different areas of the Bel Paese thanks to the purchase of Italian cuts of meat from an online butcher's shop.

Carne Genuina chooses to offer ad hoc meat boxes which contain a series of more or less particular cuts which can be used in different ways. Alongside meat, you can combine other foods that "artisanal is better" such as cheeses , cured meats , beer and wine . In short, you just need to know how to choose and avoid being enchanted by beautiful posters. Beautiful, and nothing else.