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Roman saltimbocca: the recipe

The recipe for Roman saltimbocca: simple and tasty

Among the many regional recipes with meat that we offer on our blog, today we want to talk about a recipe from Lazio that is simple to prepare but truly amazing in taste. Three ingredients capable of creating a perfect synergy between the goodness of Italian meat, the acidity and salt given by PDO raw ham and that aromatic note given by sage. If we then add ingredients of Italian origin and Parma PDO PDO Devodier ham without antibiotics, the perfect marriage is guaranteed.

The Parma ham DOP without antibiotics that you find in our online butcher's shop is part of the exclusive line of the centenary Devodier "Maria Luigia" family. Products that come from the selection of the best Italian farms and from the guarantee of a strictly antibiotic-free system and a supply chain certified by a European-level body and with full traceability.

Finally, the speed in preparing these tasty slices of meat in a pan with simple butter concludes the picture of perfection and makes Roman saltimbocca the perfect second course for a quick dinner or a last minute dish. But let's move on to the recipe now, prepare the beef, sage and Parma ham and leave.

Roman saltimbocca: the recipe in a few steps



The speed of preparation is astonishing, just a few lines and very simple steps. We start by flattening the veal slices with a meat mallet, placing a slice of raw ham and a sage leaf in the center of each of them. Stop everything with a toothpick or toothpick.

Now we pour the 00 flour onto a plate and pass the slices from the bottom without the filling. Heat the butter in a pan with a drizzle of olive oil, let it melt and place the slices of meat on the stuffing side to sear for a few moments.

We raise the heat and add the white wine, now turn the veal slices to the other side and make sure that all the liquid and the alcoholic part of the wine evaporates. Now add salt and pepper - pay attention to the salt given by the raw ham - and let it cook for a couple of minutes. Once cooked, plate and serve with a side dish of seasonal vegetables as tradition dictates.