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Dumplings in beef broth: idea for New Year's Eve

Boiled meat and dumplings, did you know that…

Today Canederli are a typical Trentino dish, but once upon a time they were considered a poor dish of the peasant tradition. The dish was born in Bavaria, in southern Germany, knödel - this is the original name - were prepared with balls of stale bread combined with milk, water and eggs and, if "times were good", leftover meat was also added . The German term literally means lump, in fact dumplings are a sort of large tasty dumplings, tasty and suitable for the party menu.

Italian cuisine borrowed the dish and chose to transform it by adding flavor and balance. Today there are different versions, the most daring ones choose to add meat such as boiled beef in association with spicy touches such as chilli pepper or cured meats marked DOP and IGP such as speck. Other variations, however, prefer to remain faithful to tradition and offer a perfect dish for those who want a vegetarian dish: plenty of vegetables and authentic flavours.

Canederli curiosities and legends

The German origins conflict with a find in a castle near Bolzano. In fact, among the frescoes in the rooms, one stands out in which a virgin giving birth is portrayed and a nurse cooking 5 dumplings in the kitchen. In his right hand he holds a fork and seems to be making the gesture to taste the delicious dish. It is difficult to interpret such a precious mixture, but it is easier to demonstrate that the dish is an integral part of the local culture, thanks also to the Hocheppan castle and the frescoes present.

However, Italy and Germany are only two of the nations competing for ownership of the dish: Austria, Switzerland, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia propose the recipe by choosing to customize it. There is an element that unites all the traditions: stale bread is the basis of the recipe which must be cooked in meat broth, preferably from a boiled meat.

Dumplings in beef broth recipe

It is essential to use top quality ingredients. Canederli are a poor dish, or at least this is their origin, this detail means that the flavor must be authentic, real, simple and easily identifiable. How to do? Well, it's pretty simple. As for the broth, it is necessary to create something capable of offering a DOC flavour, the broth prepared with boiled meat and the addition of poultry gives the much sought after flavour. For the rest, you need to follow the recipe.

Ingredients for dumplings in beef broth

  • 400 g of boiled meat
  • 1.5 liters of whole milk
  • 300 g of breadcrumbs
  • 90 g of butter
  • 2 medium eggs
  • 60 g of 00 white flour
  • 1 onion
  • 1 stalk of celery
  • 1 organic carrot
  • to taste nutmeg, parsley, salt

Procedure for dumplings in beef broth recipe

First you need to start with the boiled broth. A large pot, cold water and put on the heat, when it reaches the boil add the beef, the chopped onion, the carrot and the celery cut into pieces. Leave to cook on a low heat for 1 hour and a half, at the end remove the meat from the water and filter the broth.

While waiting, crumble the breadcrumbs and mix with the butter at room temperature. Create a homogeneous dough and then add the eggs, the sifted flour, the milk, the chopped parsley and a pinch of nutmeg. The mixture must be compact and rather dense, at the end divide the dough into equal parts and, with your hands cupped, create balls.

Put the filtered broth back on the heat and boil the dumplings for at least 15 minutes. Serve broth and dumplings hot. Meat for broth can be offered as a second course in addition to Cremonese mustard and a particular or classic sauce such as green sauce.

The multifaceted boiled meat recipe

Winter and boiled meat are a perfect combination. In fact, boiled meats lend themselves to solving numerous situations and become irreplaceable ingredients of the holiday menu. New Year's Eve, Boxing Day or Christmas Eve: always a good time to bring a hot and tasty dish to the table.

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