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BBQ time

Spring time and mixed grill

Finally it's time for a nice barbecue

Here's our favorite time: grilling season! The first real dress rehearsal after the long winter occurs during the Easter holidays, where all the master grillers begin to polish the knives, clean the BBQ and heat the embers. Of course, the more daring ones don't disdain a nice barbecue even in the winter period, to combat the coldest temperatures with the sound of charcoal, but - let's face it - nothing beats the mildest temperatures, a table in the garden (or under the porch) and a good fresh beer!

Well, now that we've discovered the basics and found where to buy meat online for barbecues, all we have to do is prepare the coals and go. If you don't have all the paraphernalia yet and want to discover some good reasons to buy a BBQ , our article is for you!

Cuts of meat for mixed grills

The new BBQ Box: the perfect base for grilling

The elements for a perfect barbecue are few - but good -. We are spoiled for choice when it comes to BBQ meat, to be cooked according to the menu we want to propose to our party, the imagination to prepare tasty marinades, the freedom to decide which seasoning for grilled meat or RUB to use, the flair to experiment with smoking and the desire to dust off our meat tools.

As for the choice of menu, Carne Genuina has created a new selection of cuts of meat perfect for an "old school" barbecue for 4 or 6 people: the BBQ Box!

The new BBQ Box includes the following cuts of beef:

  • 4 beef burgers of 150 g each, also perfect for preparing real fast food style burgers
  • 4 pork sausages, 175 g each, a good dose of meat and fat to be seasoned with homemade American sauces
  • 4 pork skewers of 150 g each, what kind of barbecue would it be without colorful and tasty skewers?
  • 1 rack of whole pork ribs weighing 1 kg (about 10 ribs in total), what can we say?
  • 1 kg Luganega sausage, the delicious ingredient that satisfies everyone

Well, the basis for a perfect barbecue is served, all you have to do is prepare the grill, light the embers, choose the right mix of side dishes and condiments and “get the party started”!

Grilled cuts of meat for that extra touch

If the BBQ Box provides the basis for a respectable barbecue, the addition of that extra ingredient - perhaps more particular and refined - will make the barbecue a real success. Here, a nice Fiorentina T Bone Steak will make everyone agree and ensure a successful barbecue.

If, however, you want to stay more classic, the Italian rib-eye steak has always competed with its Florentine cousin (Porterhouse or T-Bone), but what differentiates it from the latter is the absence of the fillet. In addition to these typical Italian grill specialties, you can choose to add a more American preparation and decide to prepare a Pulled Pork - using the Boston Butt cut - to make your overseas cousins ​​envious: BBQ sauce, a nice sandwich and the dish is served!

In short, whether you go classic - with ribs and salami - or choose to prepare something more gourmet, the barbecue is a convivial and family moment capable of satisfying every diner. From beef to pork to chicken, there is always a cut of meat that, with the right mix of spices, is able to transform into a true cut of BBQ meat!

Handbook of the master griller

In addition to what to bring on the menu, the perfect griller chooses to meticulously study every step to make the dish perfect in every shape and from every angle. The elements to take into consideration, in addition to the quality of the meat and cooking times, are: the accompanying beer and the condiments for grilled and grilled meat.

Once all the factors have been defined, the recipe can be put into practice by scrupulously following the pre-established procedure:

  • choice of meat
  • preparation of the marinade and RUB for the Maillard reaction
  • plating and accompaniment.

However none of them say that:

  • The meat must be sautéed at the end of cooking, perhaps choosing a scenic product such as Maldon Salt . In fact, salt eliminates water and pre-cooking salting risks making the meat too dry and tough, making it rubbery at the end of cooking.
  • The meat should not be pricked, so that the liquids contained inside remain intact and contribute to increasing the full-bodied and genuine flavour.
  • The beef must be left to rest for a few minutes before being brought to the table.

Now yes, we need to get to work and warm up the engines, sorry... the grill!