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Beef ribs or Pork ribs? Here are the differences !

100% Italian meat: scholastic definition

Italian cuisine is full of particular names from local tradition. To better understand the difference between Beef Ribs and pork ribs, you need to rely on industry manuals and read the school definition. “Both beef ribs and pork ribs are a cut of meat. The former derive from Italian cattle breeds, in particular from the rib area, while the latter are obtained from pork.”

This is why, given the same cut, Beef Ribs appear larger, with - apparently - more meat and perhaps more suitable for an all-you-can-ribs day. If beef is more important in terms of volume, pork is tastier in terms of taste, which is why the choice becomes difficult.

Beef ribs cooked with sauce

Italian beef

When it comes to cuts of Italian beef ideal for BBQ, you need to choose carefully. In fact, there are two different sections perfect for spring barbecues:

  • The rear ribs are richer in meat and appear bulkier on the plate, perfect for long or stewed cooking, they adapt to the grill thanks to the use of particular RUB or a meticulous and well-studied marinade.
  • Short ribs are more similar to pork ribs, on the plus side they have a lower cost, on the other hand the meat is good but not very good.

Pork: ribs

America - in particular the southern United States - represents the undisputed home of ribs - or ribs - and BBQ cooking. Overseas, in fact, there is a real cooking process that ranges from particular sections of cuts of pork to particular marinating and cooking methods. In short, be careful when adding imaginative ingredients because there you risk excommunication!

Pork ribs are therefore a simplistic way of defining different parts of the pork cut that lend themselves perfectly to filling the table of a spring barbecue. The complete and tasty flavor is amplified thanks to the addition of spices and perfumes or by following to the letter the various recipes dictated by master grillers: one above all is the Maillard reaction, known to many, the result of few.

The main differences between Beef Ribs and Pork ribs

Beef Ribs

  • Definition: Beef ribs are made from beef
  • Type: large and challenging to cook
  • Stewed cooking: more demanding for a homogeneous result
  • Types of ribs: short or back
  • Texture: The back ribs are scenic and perfect for the grill. They have a simple and delicate taste

Pork Ribs

  • Definition: Pork ribs are made from pork
  • Type: small and easy to cook
  • Stewed cooking: fast and adaptable
  • Types of ribs: Baby ribs (close to the spine) and Spare Ribs (close to the sternum)
  • Structure: Tasty and perfect for both grilling and stewing. They have a complete and harmonious taste

Beyond Beef ribs, here are Pork ribs

If ribs from Italian beef breeds are a simple cut and suitable for different types of cooking, the situation is different for pork ribs. In fact, pork ribs respond to different types of cuts, for us Italians they are something generic, in fact we like to fill the grill with different solutions without focusing on a precise cut and preferring the quality of Italian organic meat. However, it is possible to replicate the passion of BBQ by using cuts of Italian beef combined with pork. Carne Genuina offers a ready-to-use solution capable of satisfying all diners: the new BBQ Box contains various solutions and is the perfect base for the first spring barbecues!

Pork ribs or marinated pork ribs

One RUB for each solution

The tasty crust, that intoxicating scent that invades the space of the veranda where a laid table welcomes beef ribs, ribs and pulled pork . That dark, sometimes crystalline crust, inviting as never before, which allows the coarse salt to settle without melting. In short, the perfect cooking for BBQ ribs exists, and - part - of the credit must be assigned without second thoughts to the RUB. RUB are expertly curated mixes of spices capable of giving character to the cut of meat, adding and balancing, increasing and accentuating, defining and aligning.

Carne Genuina chooses to offer the most loved RUB, and some less well-known ones, perfect for showing off a masterstroke and being rewarded by a wave of applause after spending time and energy in front of the grill. To create a perfect setting you need to add a beer to drink between one grill and another, just to recover your strength.

Means and tools for cooking ribs

The first step to bringing excellent food to the table is to be certain of its origin. The fact of 100% Italian meat, there are many online butchers that offer meat online and, once the source has been verified, you need to take the second step. If high-quality raw materials are needed for a respectable course of Beef Ribs, it is equally necessary to rely on farms that choose to adapt traditional methods while keeping animal welfare intact.

In fact, in addition to the type of growth, nutrition also contributes to the growth and development of certain characteristics such as the marbling of the meat and the balance between fat and flab. Once you have chosen the meat and defined your favorite cuts, the question arises: which grill is the best? Obviously you need to question your abilities and the desire to gain experience in this cooking method, which appears easy but is sometimes complicated to manage. There is only one rule: start!