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Idee e ricette con tagli di carne Wagyu

Ideas and recipes with Wagyu cuts of meat

Exploring the world of Wagyu delights: a journey of delicious cuts

The world of Wagyu meat is a paradise for gastronomy lovers, a kingdom where tenderness and flavor come together in a symphony of culinary delight.

At our online butcher shop, we are committed to offering the excellence of this fine meat through distinct and irresistible cuts.

Let's discover the world of Wagyu together through its most delicious cuts and offer some gourmet recipes to delight your palate.

Our selection of Japanese Wagyu meat: from our farm to your table

The heart of our online butcher's shop beats strongly for Japanese Wagyu meat, a culinary delicacy renowned throughout the world for its extraordinary quality.

On our farm, dedicated to preserving Japanese traditions and high standards, we are pleased to present our latest gem: 75% Wagyu meat, a masterful crossbreeding that gives irresistible marbling and an unmistakable taste.

A chef's marbling: 75% Japanese Wagyu

The 75% Wagyu beef is a masterpiece of marbling.

The thin strands of intramuscular fat intertwine with the meat, creating a unique texture that literally melts in your mouth.

This exclusive cross captures the quintessential Wagyu flavour, giving the meat a tenderness, butteriness and delicacy that sets it apart.

The unmistakable taste of Japan at your table

When you choose Wagyu meat from our online butcher shop, you are bringing home a piece of Japanese tradition with an artisanal touch.

Our philosophy is based on loving care of animals, balanced nutrition and quality that is reflected in every bite.

75% Wagyu beef is the result of years of commitment to raising the standards of high-quality meat and bringing a culinary delight straight to your table.

Wagyu beef experience: tender, buttery and delicate

Preparing a dish with 75% Japanese Wagyu beef is an act of love for cooking.

What does Wagyu beef taste like? Its extraordinary tenderness allows a variety of culinary preparations, from grilled to the most elaborate recipes. The experience of enjoying this meat is a sensory journey, a taste of a culinary heritage that spans centuries of gastronomic perfection.

Combine your passion for cooking with our dedication to quality, and discover the authentic pleasure of Japanese Wagyu beef, right to your home.

How much does Wagyu cost per kg?

The cost of Wagyu varies based on the quality of the meat, the type of breeding, whether it is purchased on secure sites or not, and in our case of the 75% crossbreeding, the costs for example for a Florentine Wagyu steak are €42.00 for 800g, for a Wagyu Picanha around €24.90 for 700g and Wagyu Slices are €19.90 for 500g.

1. Wagyu fillet medallions: elegance and tenderness in every bite

The Wagyu fillet is the personification of delicacy and elegance. The fillet medallions, expertly crafted from this extraordinary meat, are the ideal choice for those looking for unparalleled tenderness.

To honor the purity of this cut, we recommend grilling or grilling it, accompanied only by a light sprinkle of sea salt. The Wagyu fillet is indulged to a minimum, offering a sublime culinary experience.

2. Wagyu rib eye: a feast of flavor and succulence

The Wagyu rib eye is a celebration of meat in all its glory.

With its unmistakable marbling, this meat lends itself beautifully to baking or grilling.

A chef's trick? Choose a light marinade with aromatic herbs and garlic before slowly cooking the rib for an unparalleled fusion of flavors.

3. Wagyu beef slices: versatility at the highest level

Wagyu beef slices open up a world of culinary possibilities. Perfect for preparing stuffed rolls or sautéing with fresh vegetables, these slices are the ideal choice for those looking for versatility without compromising on taste. A light soy and ginger sauce can be the perfect finishing touch to enhance the flavors.

4. Fiorentina Wagyu Steak: The art of the perfect grill

The Wagyu Fiorentina Steak is the emblem of the perfect grill. With its composition rich in intramuscular fat, this steak is a culinary masterpiece.

A grill over hot coals, seasoned with salt and pepper, is all it needs to reveal its extraordinary flavor.

An advice? Let it rest after cooking to allow the juices to redistribute, guaranteeing unique tenderness every time.

5. Picanha Wagyu: a journey into the flavors of Brazil

Picanha Wagyu, originally from Brazil, is a cut that offers a combination of fat and leanness.

Perfect for Brazilian cooking, Picanha lends itself well to being slowly grilled on a skewer. A touch of coarse salt is all it takes to bring out its unique flavors.

Online and genuine Wagyu meat

Whether you prefer the timeless tenderness of the tenderloin or the explosion of flavors of a ribeye, our assortment of Japanese-style Wagyu meat online invites you on an unprecedented sensory journey. Choose your favorite cut, light the fire and prepare for an unparalleled gastronomic experience.