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The online butcher's shop: looking for the special cut

Online butcher: when the world is just one click away

Buying meat online has become a daily action that offers the possibility of saving time without compromising the quality of the product. Learning to choose, finding the right meat e-commerce and moving towards shops that have precise characteristics is essential for bringing healthy and genuine products to the table.

However, the world of online meat sales offers interesting ideas for daring otherwise unknown cuts of meat and preparing spectacular, curious and delicious recipes. Dry-aged meat online is a clear example of how the possibility of purchasing with one click can be a valid solution for a quality product in the comfort of your own home. In this way, the nostalgia of a trip to Japan and the perfectly marbled meat become an excellent incipit for purchasing Wagyu meat in the online shop.

The production chain and control towards the final product is a key pillar, which must be respected even in the sale of meat online. In short, quality does not depend on the local butcher, but on the skill of the master butcher in selecting, choosing and offering a valid, certified and controlled product. Scrupulousness, attention and a pinch of madness allow you to receive a tasting box with controlled foods.

Online butchers: Picanha Sashi Freygaard Diamond

Picanha is the most curious meat in the world. The level of marbling offered in the shop is deluxe quality, this means that alongside the curious presentation of the cut of meat, you will be able to enjoy maximum juiciness and tenderness given by the perfect balance between fiber and fat. If Picanha represents something unusual, to amaze guests you can think of combining the particular cut of meat with "churrasco": Brazil takes over and the desire for fun combines with the indisputable flavor of top quality meat.

The marbling, the accuracy of the cut, the origin of the meat represent the cornerstones around which the flavor and taste revolve. In fact, Freygaard beef corresponds to a specific selection of cattle that is fed exclusively on grass and grows in an indigenous German environment. The peculiarity of the meat is, therefore, the result of careful genetic selection and careful attention to nutrition and breeding.

Dry-aged meat online: Rib Sashi Gold Dry Aged 100 days

Dry-aged meat, madness? No, exclusive goodness like the dry aged gold sashi rib . The cattle farm from which this particular cut of meat is obtained is family-run, which means that industrial processes and standardization remain outside the door. In fact, the online butcher's shop offers the possibility of purchasing directly from the manufacturer and bringing particular, tasty, healthy and genuine products to the table. Sashi beef - also offered in fillets - is a selected cut of meat whose predominant characteristic is perfect marbling.

Dry-aged meat online is an excellent point of arrival if the starting point is a product that has organoleptic qualities bordering on perfect. The breed proposed by Carne Genuina comes from a German family-run farm that chooses to raise its animals following the Grass Fed philosophy.

Online butcher: Fiorentina Sashi Gold Dry Aged

Combine a fine Italian cut of meat with Grass Fed German beef. The result will be surprising and even if you are not looking for dry-aged meat online, the result will start to make those who can't wait to bite into it start to salivate. the fantastic steak, not exactly cheap. In short, a Fiorentina always has its reason.

The rather high cost is one of the elements that contributes to blocking the click and not proceeding with the purchase of meat online, however Carne Genuina offers a tailor-made solution which, thanks to the 5 kg Wagyu Box, allows anyone to taste the cut delicious, become familiar with the online butcher's shop and approach the magical world of matured meat.

Dry-aged meat online: Sashi Dry Aged fillet 30 days

Poland, together with Germany, represent - at least in Europe - the two places with a greater density of Grass Fed cattle herds. The peculiarity of the territories is given by a particular climate which combines the right humidity with the presence of a lush and rather tasty greenery for the animal. Carne Genuina chooses to source international cuts of meat from selected farms that adopt the same company vision: family management and high attention to animal welfare. The result is surprising, at times superlative.

The choice to dedicate oneself to selected, deluxe-level meats allows the online butcher to offer fine and particular cuts of meat. The example, which contains all the characteristics, is the Sashi Fillet which, in addition to perfect marbling, manages to convey a unique flavor given by careful maturation. Purchasing matured meat online is an easily achievable goal if you choose to go to well-assorted shops with particular attention to the quality of the product.

Online meat sale: Tomahawk from Scottona Galiziana

From Spain with fury and too little fanfare. The Carne Genuina showcase welcomes another product that finds its right dimension in international cuts of meat. The particular shape allows it to arrive at the table and gather particular interest, its similarity with the Fiorentina T-Bone offers a valid starting point that finds tasty responses at the first taste. The meat, moreover, comes from Spanish pigs that are raised naturally.

This means that respecting the times of nature is the first objective that the farm sets itself, the concept goes hand in hand with the philosophy of Carne Genuina which chooses to put the quality of the product combined with the well-being of the animal among the first places. Thanks to the characteristics just mentioned, the Tomahawk presents itself with a perfect marbling: beautiful to look at and above all, good to eat!

Online meat sales. I choose good, I choose right

The online butcher's shop is a virtual space in which you can choose your favorite cut of meat in complete tranquility or, you can purchase a box of fine meat from around the world so as to amaze your guests and dare special recipes. Product traceability, comprehensive labeling and careful packaging allow even the most sought-after sections of meat to reach the recipient without losing their valuable organoleptic qualities. Kobe meat online is an example of how to replicate a superlative dish given by the particular marbling.

The Tomahawk is another example of how Carne Genuina chooses to offer a showcase of refined and delicious products, which alongside the particular cut of meat is accompanied by the desire to guarantee a healthy and genuine product. Online dry-aged meat is another aspect that is offered in different variations in the e-commerce of the F.lli Assanelli agricultural company . Choosing the right cut and paying attention to the origin is essential to bringing a healthy and genuine product to the table.