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La tradizione nostrana

Italian cuts of meat

The pleasure of sitting at the table with the family is an added value for the Italian. Each region has traditions which, although united by good food, differ from each other. The names of cuts of meat are no exception. Let's find out together what differences there are so as not to make a mistake in purchasing. And remember: it is only the fillet that remains impartial!

The loin

The name lombata is used above all in the Tuscan capital, in Genoa, Macerata, Vicenza and Verona. It becomes loin as soon as you reach the provinces of Rome, Bari, Rovigo, Potenza, Perugia, L'Aquila, Turin and Bologna. It is transformed into loin in Milan, Padua, Treviso, Mantua and Belluno. Roast beef is also subject to name changes: in Naples it is called biffo or passate a filet, in Parma it is the sirloin, in Venice - naïf par excellence - it is called La Slim, while in Palermo, Messina and Reggio Calabria it takes the name of trinch.

The rump

Milan and Verona know this first class cut of meat as rump , but you just have to move to Bologna to find the slice , in Florence the melino , or in Genoa for cassa del belin . In Naples the rump is colarda , in Palermo it is under fall while in Turin it is thick under fillet .

The external topside

In Treviso it is the codino , in Vicenza against the topside , in Messina it is the contra lacerto . In Reggio Calabria? Behind fall. Bari, Foggia, Naples, Palermo and Potenza call the external rump the behind thigh . In Florence it is the lizard , in Belluno it is the cut along the thigh while in Milan it is a slice of the middle .

The walnut

Belluno, Mantua, Milan, Padua, Perugia, Rovigo, Trento, Treviso, Verona and Vicenza do not deviate from walnut . Bari, Foggia, Naples and Potenza prefer to call the walnut as a torch . L'Aquila and Perugia call it tracoscio , in Macerata the scannello , in Mantua the spola while in Messina it becomes the tanno . Genoa? Little fish . Venice? Culatta . In Bologna it is the staff and in Turin the walnut becomes the large bowl .

The internal topside

Simply thigh for people from Mantua. It becomes inland for Reggio Calabria and its province. In Venice the internal rump is there inside , for Naples it is the buttock . In Milan and Macerata they choose pink , in Genoa they choose schenello . Classic and quick in Belluno, Padua, Rovigo, Turin, Trento, Verona and Vicenza where the internal topside becomes topside and that's it.

The walker

Round thigh for the Turin people, round thigh for the Genoese. In Mantua the girello is the thigh roll . Lacerto in Bari, Foggia, Naples, Potenza, Reggio Calabria, Messina and Palermo.

The beef fish cut

Posterior muscle in Mantua and Venice. Simply muscle instead for Belluno, Parma, Trento and Vicenza. In Florence it takes on a particular reputation by becoming the callus of the doorbell , to transform into a doorbell in the provinces of Rome, Perugia and L'Aquila.

The pheson

Only the people of Milan and Verona remain faithful to the name of this cut of meat. In Belluno, Treviso and Venice he chooses a precise definition: long shoulder cut . In Bari, Foggia, Naples, Padua, Potenza and Vicenza it is simply the shoulder . Fancy names are used in other Italian cities: in Venice fesone is called scapìn , in Parma polpone , in Bologna and Perugia pulp di shoulder . In Palermo it takes on a dialectal inflection: the full di spadda , in L'Aquila it is the nosetto di shoulder .

Macerata prefers to define the fesone as both lean of the shoulder and Gioietta . In Florence the fesone is the cotonetto or ciangolino .

The cover

In Milan? Priest hat . Verona and Parma choose shoulder palotta , in Mantua it is shoulder frog , for the Venetians it is zogoia .

The shoulder stud

In Macerata it is the lean shoulder , in Belluno the shoulder walker . Defining fusello di shoulder as shoulder girello brings together: L'Aquila, Mantua, Padua, Parma, Perugia, Rovigo, Treno and Verona. In Sicilian land with an influence for Reggio Calabria it is called spadda or ovu . Bari and Foggia choose lacertino di shoulder , while the Neapolitans transform it into lacertiello .

The real cut of beef

It retains its name in Mantua, Parma, Rovigo and Verona. It becomes white in Milan and Vicenza. Bari and Foggia choose appiccatura , while in Venice it is the bongaiolo . In Naples it is called armor , in Trento costamozza , in Treviso fracosta and in Palermo, Messina and Reggio Calabria cage .

The royal chop

The royal chop: rib steak for the people of Macerata and Padua. Fibrous coast in Perugia and covered in Naples. Bari and Foggia focus on the queen characteristic, defining the royal chop as ribeye steak . In Potenza they choose to prefer the area where the meat is cut and define the royal chop as a quarter rib . Bologna chooses loin fallata , Florence the wrist , Venice the back and in Milan it is simply the roast beef .

The brisket - or brisket

In Treviso it is the jib , in Florence it is the fork . If you are in Bari, Bologna, Genoa, Mantua, Messina, Milan, Parma, Potenza Rovigo, Turin, Verona, Vicenza or Naples you must choose the brisket . In Rome? It is the big breast , while in Reggio Calabria it is the tip of pettu .

The posterior leg

Milan, Padua and Trento call it ossobuco , based on the recipe that the cut of meat allows. In Turin it is called giaret , in Romepulo , while for the Veronese it is simply geretto . Bologna chooses the antheme . Messina, Palermo and Reggio Calabria call the posterior or anterior geretto piscinu . For Belluno, Rovigo, Trento, Treviso and Vicenza it is the muscle .

The tummy

Scalfo in Milan, pettu in Reggio Calabria, panzetta in Genoa. It retains its name in Palermo, Parma, Rovigo, Trento, Verona and Vicenza. Become pancettone in Bari, Foggia, Macerata and Naples. It's the bacon for Perugia, Messina and L'Aquila. Bologna? Call the belly as a fake folder . Potenza the flank and Florence the flap .

The neck

In Florence it is the yoke , in Bologna the guide . For Reggio Calabria it is coddu , while Naples and Potenza choose dinner . Modegal Venice and Roscial Bari and Foggia. Palermo? Spinello . Messina, know . All other provinces prefer to define the cut of meat by its original name: neck. Knowing the name for a specific cut of meat is helpful in finding the perfect main ingredient.

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