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Buying a BBQ

The question is legitimate, the answer is not at all obvious.

The preference to allocate part of the family funds towards the purchase of a product that could easily be replaced by much less expensive home-made solutions is one of the prospects that arise in the minds of those who, in front of a very respectable BBQ, are to fall into temptation and opt for the purchase.

I have a BBQ too!

Brag with friends, delight in front of the fire , imagine fun evenings without a certain end while enjoying juicy and appetizing grilled meat. It is easy to meet these dreamers, even more so during the summer period. What you need are: a BBQ, a group of friends ready for the party, a BBQ Box with everything you need in terms of meat.

If purchasing a BBQ requires tenacity - generally the most reluctant part is the female member of the family - on the other hand it is necessary to have persuasive skills and demonstrate the uniqueness of this product.

Replicating the cooking capabilities of a BBQ worthy of the name is impossible. Let's be clear!

I've seen things that you chefs...

Browsing the internet, you may come across handymen who choose to create a respectable BBQ from unthinkable objects.

The most curious was created from an iron plate which, when folded to perfection, became a sort of griddle on which to cook grilled meat, good yes, but not very good.

Other recent inventors have dabbled in creating a BBQ starting from an oxygen tank. Duly emptied and cleaned it becomes the perfect base for directing the flame.

By gutting the cylinder it is possible to create a sort of barbecue by adding a very simple shelf. Nice idea, but nothing to do with "become a professional". The art of BBQ is something completely different .

If the network is full of particular ideas that are more or less replicable, it is another thing to find the right motivation to buy a BBQ that responds to certain characteristics capable of making even the most opposed to grilled meat think again.

The characteristics of BBQ

The essential characteristics of the BBQ move away from the aesthetic aspect since the tool must be functional and effective , not necessarily beautiful. Aesthetics is a personal opinion that varies from person to person and reflects different characteristics, while working conditions are established by measurable and quantifiable standards.

BBQ must allow you to obtain a product that is at the same time:

  • Smoked
  • Succulent
  • Flavored

Impossible? Not if you use a BBQ! There are many techniques for obtaining meat with these characteristics. The basic piece to obtain a complete puzzle is to use the appropriate equipment starting from what is necessary :

  • Obviously a BBQ
  • Top quality meat like the BBQ Box
  • An oven in which to rest the meat
  • Tongs, spatulas and brushes

Alongside the necessary, there are other elements and ingredients that enrich the dish, such as preparations of particular spices to enrich the aroma, Maldon salt for the gourmet effect, extra virgin olive oil for a genuine breath or capable sauces or preparations to remember American flavors tasted during the last trip overseas - even just the idea.

Grilling , my new passion

Approaching the art of BBQ is a question of taste and desire to experiment . If you want to find new flavors, try risky combinations while maintaining juicy and smoked meat as a base, then grilling and everything around it is for you.

It is necessary to respect some basic rules that form an approach protocol capable of returning amazing results both in terms of flavors and aesthetics.

The first myth to dispel is toasted meat: Smoky Beef is smoked , not burnt ! Pay attention to the Maillard reaction, i.e. that chemical reaction absent in nature which offers intense fragrance and colouration: the limit is 150°C but experts recommend maintaining a cruising temperature around 110°C so as to also exploit the humidity paper which contributes substantially to the juiciness of the cut of meat.

The scent is another detail of utmost importance. To obtain it, it is necessary that the excess juices contained within the meat fall onto the embers during the cooking phase so as to vaporize and increase the aroma of the dish. It is important to underline that the choice of wood is a discriminating factor for the presence of smoke. Try to balance the flame and the fire so as not to have excessive aromatization which could be jarring even for the strongest palates.

The last "never again without" is the preference of a BBQ with lid and cast iron grill . The reason is simple: cast iron is a material that manages to maintain good heat, while the lid contributes to the formation and vaporization of humidity , the latter element being essential for obtaining soft, juicy and tasty meat.

Now all that remains is to go to the equipped sales points, order a BBQ Box , invite friends and...enjoy your time with fire and flames!

The rules are clear, what is missing is a personal touch given by imagination and the desire to enjoy a healthy, genuine dish with a strong flavour!