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Piccolo fuoco

Great steak

To bring dishes worthy of the perfect barbecue to the table you need to know little secrets and tricks of the trade that great grillers put into practice with any fire.

Zapping on television allows us to be enchanted in front of the screen and admire American grillers cooking enormous steaks to perfection . What is their secret? Analyzing the videos or, for the lucky ones, admiring one of these competitions live, we notice that the chefs use a particular cooking method, called indirect cooking .

Indirect cooking: what is it?

Indirect cooking is a method that goes perfectly with the barbecue, as it allows you to keep the meat soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside . This cooking technique is ideal for large steaks such as the Fiorentina Porterhouse , the T-Bone or the Tomahawk or cuts rich in connective tissue such as ribs : these cuts are suitable for prolonged cooking at a constant temperature, except then requiring a momentary flare to increase its flavor (thanks to the Maillard reaction).

The only detail to which it is necessary to pay maximum attention is the final phase of the operation which could cause inconvenience and compromise the success of the operation.

Indirect cooking is achieved by using low-impact embers on which to cook the chosen cut of meat. Subsequently, when cooking is almost complete , we intervene by reinvigorating the fire and leaving the meat in close contact with the flame for a maximum of two minutes.

Cooking over a moderate flame will allow the meat to be cooked internally, i.e. to obtain the typical pink colour , and then continue and have the crunchy crust so dear to carnivores and beyond.

Indirect cooking: step by step

Sharing the step-by-step tutorial will allow you to achieve an excellent result and become the perfect master griller - or at least try! Indirect cooking allows the meat to receive heat across its entire surface , so that it can cook evenly on all sides.

First step: preparing the barbecue

Arrange the briquettes evenly over the entire brazier. During cooking you will have to keep the lid closed so as to be able to complete the operation in the correct way.

Second step: put the meat on the fire

Reach - and maintain - a constant temperature of 130°C. Place a sheet of aluminum foil on the grill and place your piece of meat on top to prevent the cut of meat from burning. Leave to cook for at least 30/40 minutes and open the lid...

Third step: trigger the Maillard reaction

Raise the heat, add the briquettes and wait for the fire temperature to increase. Master grillers use two grills and a tube placed between the two grills to channel the heat.

By doing so they create a single fire relief valve that reaches the steak placed above the second grill. It takes 1 or 2 minutes to trigger the Maillard reaction - it depends on the size of the steak!

XXL kitchen

Barbecue is a cooking method that offers multiple possibilities. The cuts of meat that lend themselves to these experiments are many and range from the hamburger to the rib-eye or T-Bone.

What makes your barbecue special and unique is the marinade of the meat or the addition of particular spices. Maldon salt , for example, is a particular element that enriches both from a visual and sensorial point of view: its flavor is in fact unique and inimitable and thanks to its aesthetics it enriches the cut of meat to be brought to the table with crystals . The choice to marinate the meat using particular ingredients is a faculty of the master griller who, in doing so, can activate his imagination by creating particular and spectacular combos.

Barbecue is a fun experience that expresses its qualities when you choose to share it with other people, which is why Bovì offers the BBQ Box with different and particular cuts of meat.

Meat , friends and good music

"Late summer night... Grill without cutlery..."

Are you humming the famous song?

The verse wasn't exactly this, it's true. Late summer evenings are the perfect time to put your memories in order, put the idleness and sweet idleness typical of sultry days in a drawer and start thinking about the present again, maybe even about your next trip.

Choose the BBQ Box and put Bovì's advice into practice: you will be able to create perfect barbecues suitable for a late summer night!