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A regola d'arte

The tartare

Minced meat and knife-cut tartare differ in many factors: cooking, characteristics, flavour.

Tartare is meat finely cut with a knife , mince is minced meat. Choosing one solution over the other means completely upsetting the dish and obtaining opposite results.

The tartare

Good and tasty, it releases its best when presented in combination with colorful vegetable crudités.

The valerian salad (also called songino), thanks to its intense colour, creates the perfect bed to accommodate the tartare which, moved by the color combination, manages to make the drops of extra virgin olive oil that accompany the dish shine.

Bringing tartare to the table requires imagination, especially in the choice of secondary ingredients.

The cuts of meat that are best suited to this type of preparation are: fillet, silverside, walnut rump and rump. If you use the cuts present in our Bovì Box we recommend using fillet, steaks and ribs. What they have in common is the presence of tender meat with little fat.

In many recipes we tend to add lemon, a few drops - preferably organic - and the flavor changes. This is why to amplify the taste of the tartare it is preferable to choose a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil or, to dare without overdoing it, a few flakes of Maldon salt which helps to give elegance to the dish.

Tartare mince

The best chefs - but also non-professional connoisseurs - begin to turn up their noses when they notice the combination between tartare and mince.

Let's dispel a myth and affirm with conscious certainty that tartare and minced meat are two different things : the first is - and must be - beaten with a knife , minced meat is a distant relative.

The differences range from the presentation and plating to the less defined and coarser flavor.

The mince is perfect for meatballs, condiments rich in ancient flavors such as tomato puree manage to welcome this preparation with the honors it deserves. The hamburger is another element that guarantees the right respect for minced meat.

In any case the mince must be cooked . It is at that moment that it absorbs the secondary ingredients and transforms into a delicious and tasty dish.

Bovì's burgers are created with the chosen minced meat, coming from steers raised on the farm in a closed cycle: a guarantee of authenticity for a trendy dish!

Every palate has its preference

Choosing tartare or minced meat translates into bringing different dishes to the table, not at all similar but both good.

In short, choose the method you prefer trying to obtain a delicious dish.

Recipes are endless, the opportunities to cook a classy dish move hand in hand with your imagination: dare, and learn the tricks of the trade. A well-sharpened knife, a cut of meat with little fat: essential elements for creating similar cubes to be seasoned with simple and refined ingredients.

Minced meat is perfect for autumn days, accompanied by egg or more simply by black pepper, it manages to provide the right nutritional values ​​- in terms of proteins - necessary for a healthy and balanced dish.

Whatever the choice, it is the occasion that justifies cutting and preparing it!

The little ones at home prefer the Bovì burgers, the adults the tartare: on the one hand a delicious but healthy dish, on the other an easy to prepare and complete dish. Do you want to please everyone? Try our Bovì Box .

Tartare or minced meat? Everyday doubts

"It's the same for me!"

"Don't talk nonsense! Do you want to add the defined and rustic flavor of tartare? The minced meat is... it's... Perfect with eggs - and little else!"

Bovì guarantees you the possibility of bringing complete dishes to the table. What are you waiting for? Choose your Bovì Box and set your imagination in motion! Easy, quick, delicious but, above all, genuine dishes!

Our values ​​adapt to your needs, only in this way will you always be able to have simple ingredients within reach in the fridge which, mixed to perfection, allow you to create delicious dinners!