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What is dry brining : when the basics are important!

Dry brining technique: what does it consist of?

Answering why dry brining is easy. Even more so if we have a barbecue expert in front of us, someone who knows what it's all about and could easily fall into the category of master grillers who have made dry brining their most delicious trick. But too often we come across novice grillers who pay all their attention to the cooking phase alone, which is important, yes, but must be incorporated into a targeted and winning strategy.

Dry brining is one of the indispensable parts of barbecue cooking and consists of a sort of dry marinade. The basic idea that summarizes the practice as a whole consists of keeping the meat - especially chicken or lean meat - resting for a pre-established time in a mixture of salt and spices.

Dry brine for crispy BBQ meat

Dry brining allows the meat to be soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. You need rest and attention during the preparation phase before proceeding with the next step. You need a large bowl of salt and spices. Now, the trick is to calibrate the mixture perfectly so as to avoid it being too tasty or, on the contrary, too little tasty. The absence of liquids during the "salting" phase allows the meat to keep its moisture intact and accentuate the flavor, moving towards a more authentic and slightly salty taste. After all, this is the characteristic of BBQ meat, right?

Dry brining before cooking

If for the classic marinade you need to prepare at least a day in advance, for the dry brining a couple of hours is enough, obviously where the choice of ingredients is first choice. In the basin, immerse the cut of meat to then cover with the mixture created with salt - even better if Maldon - and spices that you can find in the RUB, leave to rest for a couple of hours at room temperature and prepare the fire. Apron, beer and off you go! This is how a true master griller thinks!

During cooking

Dry brining allows the Maillard reaction to be increased, thus making the cooking phase simpler for the master griller who from then on will only have to worry about keeping the juices of the cut of meat intact on the grill and avoiding unnecessary waste.

In practice it works like this: the dry brine, by creating the crust, traps the meat juices inside it and during cooking, when the heart reaches a high temperature, struggling to expel the humidity, it makes the meat tender. The method is also called pull-push which, combined with the preparation of salts and spices, increases the aromas of the meat as well as the flavour.

Dry brining preparations, the right ones!

The recipes present online or in encyclopedias for those studied tell of secrets handed down for a thousand thousand years that are impossible to replicate. But, Carne online Genuina has its sources, and even before divulging the news it chooses to put its face to it - sorry for the cut of meat - and realize it first hand. This is why the proposal bears the indelible signature of CG and chooses to be the perfect starting point to unleash anyone's imagination.

Now, what you need to keep in mind is the proportion, which, as perfect as that of a chemist, exudes balance and flavour: 3 tablespoons of salt, 1 tablespoon of spices. Our choice falls on kosher salt, and the spices are those of the RUB bbq.

If salt can be replaced with any salt coming from all parts of the world, for spices you need to pay the utmost attention and avoid excessively increasing the level of flavor, in short, UBI is safety.

Dry brining ingredients, the good ones!

Meat online Genuina has various cuts of meat in its online butcher shop that are suitable for preparation. From free-range chicken to picanha, passing through the classic ribs and some exceptions that respond to special occasions. The perfect idea is to opt for the BBQ box and make different preparations so as to offer an array of flavors enviable to most and replicable for a few.

In short, the desire to stand in front of the fire is something that only a master griller - more or less expert - can understand, what is needed is to create the magical touch that responds to the mastery of the cook. If for white meat dry brining is king, for other more classic and perhaps less appetizing cuts of Italian meat it is Maldon salt, the perfect conclusion to a tasty dish, but that's another story. Now we need to get to work, the rest time has come to an end, charcoal.... Here we come!