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Anima brasiliana

Churrasco : from Pampa to the table

Churrasco: what is it?

Churrasco is the most classic and delicious thing you can encounter while exploring the green and endless areas of Rio Grande do Sul. On the ranches you can come across cowboys "like those in the movies" riding on imposing stallions and wearing bombachas, intent on taking the herds of cattle to pasture.

This breeding method allows the meat to acquire a unique and inimitable flavour. After all, demanding and intense work makes you so hungry, right? Here the Brazilian churrasco presents itself in all its splendor: perfect grill color, different possibilities of choice, richness of content. In short, what most miserably call "mixed grill", the few choose the name Brazilian Churrasco and... off to the grill meat!

The cuts of meat and the origin of the Brazilian churrasco lose importance, anything goes, as long as it is cooked and grilled with care. Grilled ratatouille becomes the perfect solution both to create a choice of quality on the table and to empty the refrigerator and propose a rich, alternative and inimitable dish in terms of taste.

Churrasco, how is it prepared?

Rule number 1: barbecue meat must be presented in generous portions, we leave the nouvelle cousine to the French, refined and picky palates are not welcome at the table with grilled meat. Well. Now that the basic concept has been clarified we can move on to the rules for preparing the dish.

Carne Genuina offers different cuts of meat that lend themselves to the objective of bringing a respectable Churrasco to the table. The farm's beef comes in well-known and more refined cuts, perfect for combining mixed grills as well as fulfilling the desire for a particular dish with genuine products. The pork finds typical flavors of the Bergamo area and at the same time offers the grilled meat an eccentric and rich touch of flavor capable of whetting the palates of diners and resulting in a pleasant flavor that is difficult to forget.

The second basic rule that identifies Churrasco is to cut the meat into apparently random large and coarse pieces, forgetting them first in the marinade and then on the grill. There you have it, it looks really easy. The marinade? Chimichurri sauce, extra virgin olive oil , vinegar, chilli pepper and - to make sure you don't miss anything - a little garlic.

Mixed grill around the world

The essentials to bring a respectable Churrasco to the table are: beef ( ribs and beef ribs ), mutton, pork ( chops , skewers and salami ) rigorously cut into large pieces. What will make the difference in the preparation will be the choice of condiments for grilled meat which ranges from classic rubs to the choice to try experiments with spices from the pantry.

If Brazilian churrasco is an undisputed success in every corner of the world, it is equally true that "Country you go, Churrasco you find". In Italy we usually call Churrasco mixed grill, and we prefer generous portions of sausage and ribs to mutton.

In Turkey the mixed grill becomes Sikh kebab and for them sheep meat is essential and pork is abolished, even if the dish is more similar to our kebabs - a typical and delicious dish of the Abruzzo region. Finally, Indonesia which celebrates Churrasco by choosing the term Satè. The accompanying sauces make the dish delicious and rich in aroma, this is exactly the secret ingredient that attracts tourists to the street markets like bees to honey.

Churrasco and cuts of meat

Brazilian Churrasco is a series of cuts of grilled meat which together must create balance and flavour. If you choose to present beef, pork and chicken for example, you can use Picanha - which is made from beef, chicken breast and sausage or pork loin . With these cuts you can create fantastic unions capable of giving a perfect balance.

After all, Churrasco, thanks to the variety of cuts of meat, lends itself to different preparations and chooses to adapt to the most disparate tastes of those who join the table: in Brazil it is customary to use Churrasco as a typical dish in ceremonies. Furthermore, in Brazil, grilled meat is also sold in street stalls which take their name from the typical meat: the churrascherias thus welcome both wealthy Brazilians, tourists or those who simply want something tasty.

Repeating the Brazilian experience in our homeland is easy by choosing the right cuts of meat for the barbecue and without forgetting another fundamental rule: there are no minimum doses, you need to leave the table full and only after having had a feast of genuine meat worthy of note !