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Le differenze

T-Bone vs. Porterhouse

The T-Bone steak: very often the Fiorentina steak (both T-Bone and Porterhouse) is paraphrased in these terms, a far cry from the Tomahawk, which manages to satisfy the most demanding palates. Steak with enviable portions and a must have in Tuscany, a region that holds the place of honor in the ranking of the preparation of this cut of meat. However, it is between America and the United Kingdom that the game is played and there is a tendency to discriminate between the two variants of T-Bone and Porterhouse steak.

The origin of these cuts of meat can be found around the 16th century when the English began to create animal farms intended for slaughter. If in Italy asking for a Fiorentina means choosing a more or less large special cut of meat, in America or the United Kingdom the question is different: our Fiorentina can become Porterhouse or T-Bone depending on the size of the fillet and consequently the position cutting of the loin .

It is good to remember that both cuts of meat are delicious and, when cooked properly, offer a highly respectable sensorial experience in terms of taste. But if your intent is to recognize a certain cut of meat, all you have to do is discover the main difference.

The difference

The size of the fillet is the only and indisputable difference between Porterhouse and T-Bone .

In the Porterhouse the fillet is larger because the meat comes from a further back position than in the T-Bone, in the area where the fillet is wider.

Of the two, Porterhouse enjoys greater prestige . In fact, only 4 pieces can be obtained from one animal: a very valid argument to explain the price which in certain cases can rise dramatically.

In Italy, and more precisely in Tuscany, there is no risk of finding one or another cut of meat on your plate. The rule is that Fiorentina is steak on the bone.

The increase in the prestige of the meat, and consequently in the softness, occurs as you approach the Porterhouse cut of meat: in short, if you really have to choose, always prefer the larger fillet .

The T-bone steak is the Fiorentina and owes its nickname to the shape of the bone.

In both the Porterhouse and the T-Bone the cut of meat includes two steaks divided from the bone and there is the presence of fillet and sirloin. The strong and succulent flavor is given by the bone which contributes to giving an extra touch in terms of taste.

The name

If the origin of the T-Bone is rather simple to understand, the meaning of Porterhouse is different. The Americans and the English have been arguing about paternity for several years.

It seems that the name derives from the place where this cut of meat was eaten, that is, near the ports in the "porter houses" and in the adjacent bars where porter beer was tasted.

Even today it is not known who gave the name to what. What matters is that bringing a T-bone steak to the table, be it a Porterhouse steak or a T-bone steak, means enjoying the opportunity to taste a delicious dish, rich in history and flavour.

To cook such a demanding cut of meat on an emotional level, it is sufficient to have a grill or a BBQ and follow the simple rules that cooking meat on the grill requires.

Set the table, choose your favorite Florentine steak and start imagining the scene...Enjoy your meal!