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5 vegetables to pair with beef

100% Italian meat: a question of pairings

Sometimes the sublime flavor of a first choice ingredient is exalted in a mediocre way so as to lower - and quite a bit - the bar of pleasure for an ordinary diner. Beef is one of the ingredients that requires almost obsessive attention to the surrounding ingredients, because just one simple mistake can become fatal.

Here are five plus an idea to accompany the meat with simple and genuine side dishes capable of accentuating the intense flavor of the meat and "cleaning the mouth" as they say in jargon. The indispensable element is and remains the accompaniment, since to make the dish a real experience you need to focus a few points on the location and the accompaniment. If Carne Genuina can do little on the location, it has a few more weapons on the accompaniment: craft beer, chosen wine and RUB represent the plus of a top recipe.

Italian beef and vegetables

Vegetables are good for you, everyone says so. From the pediatrician who looks after the little ones at home to the general practitioner who prescribes check-ups once a year. “Do you eat vegetables and fruit? Please remember they are important.” True, or rather no, perhaps very true. But, if on the one hand there is the enormous importance of introducing certain vitamins into our body, on the other there is the need to find perfect meat/vegetable combinations to make the experience of the dish truly fantastic.

Beef and potatoes

Potatoes are the perfect side dish for various kitchen preparations. Rich in carbohydrates, they are the perfect accompaniment to meat which offers a rather vast variety of proteins. Boiled, fried, baked, any version is perfect to accompany a dish with organic or non-raw or cooked beef. For the warmer seasons the advice is always to avoid fried foods and various heavy foods and prefer boiled potatoes seasoned with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a little parsley which, as we know, goes with everything.

Beef and rocket

Arugula is a type of bitter and particular salad capable of completing the intense flavor of the best Italian meat and, even more so, if it is cooked on the grill or on the grill. After all, you always need a good excuse to make a 100% Italian meat barbecue, right? Arugula is perfect when served seasoned with flavored extra virgin olive oil, perhaps adding a little Calabrian chili pepper which warms just enough without distorting the flavor of the bite. Finally, rocket and parmesan flakes accompany tender raw beef or good sliced ​​bresaola like a groom in a tuxedo.

Beef and pumpkin

A particular combination for most but very popular in chic venues that choose to elevate the intense and sublime flavor of Italian cuts of beef. Italian organic meat offers an intense flavor and, especially in some cuts, provides a truly sublime experience with every bite. For example, beef loin lends itself to various Italian recipes and, when accompanied by a particular side dish such as pumpkin, offers its best.

Baked pumpkin is a dietary and highly versatile vegetable that lends itself to different processing and pairings thanks to its delicate and intense colour. If it is true that appreciation begins with the eyes, then it serves to put the perfect side dish on the table: baked pumpkin which, easy to prepare and versatile in use, becomes the perfect cooking companion.

Grilled radicchio

Here is another must-have solution if you are preparing a grilled meat. Let's suppose that you purchased a particular cut of meat such as Picanha from the Bergamo online butcher shop - spoiler Carne Genuina. Suppose you want to surprise guests by offering familiar flavors but in a different guise.

What is needed? Italian organic meat and farmer's red radicchio. The master griller takes care of the grill and, with his natural wisdom, chooses to cook meat and radicchio without compromising anything. Easy, right?

Beef and spinach

Arm wrestling, who? Generations raised on spinach and cartoons remember with palpable nostalgia those moments when a guy named Popeye crushed a can of spinach to gain instant strength. Well, now we are a little more evolved and by moving away just enough from cartoons we can put on the table a side dish based on spinach cooked in a pan to accompany the tender beef which always makes a good impression when paired. A few rules, a couple of pots and you're done!

Beef and Spanish fix

Sometimes you need to travel to discover new flavours. Let's remove “sometimes” and land on equal feet in Valencian land. The idea is a pan of pimientos de Padròn - a very particular town in the north of Spain. The pimientos are offered fried and lend themselves to becoming "hot" and perfect protagonists in the aperitif that precedes the barbecue with Italian beef. It takes a little elbow grease to prepare all the dishes but the desire to amaze the guests and the applause before, during and after loudly repay all the effort.

Beef online: there's always a good excuse

Purchasing meat from an online butcher's shop allows you to choose particular cuts of beef, organic meat or products created following traditional criteria, which are sometimes difficult to find in the local shop or large-scale retail trade. The desire to amaze and bring something new to the table therefore becomes a perfect starting point for creating special and different dishes from the usual.

If you choose to remain faithful to the quality of the ingredients, it is important to find valid compromises for the side dishes which must amaze without distorting, accompany without exaggerating, complete without overdoing it. The ideas proposed choose to please everyone: from adults to children, through to the most bizarre and traditionalists. Carne online Genuina is a perfect place to find organic Italian meat and choose the main ingredient. Choose, because you can!