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No to meat waste !

Italian organic meat and awareness

The concept of sustainable meat also includes practices to avoid waste. The FAO - United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization - has carried out various studies and analyzes demonstrating that every year, around a third of what is produced inexorably ends up in the garbage. It therefore seems that the path towards greater awareness is very long, however the pandemic has had unexpected and positive effects, making families more attentive to household consumption and amplifying attention towards the environment.

Perhaps thanks to a new routine, Italian families have chosen to pay particular attention to sustainable supply chains in meat production, creating curious and intelligent recipes, capable in other words of reducing waste and consequently, per capita spending.

Italian meats: in addition to the usual recovery dish

The ideas in the kitchen fully embrace the need for sustainability and, even more so when it comes to 100% Italian meat, various excellences come to life. The solutions range based on what you have available for recovery: green light therefore for soups, meatballs and rolls through to flans and ratatouille.

Sustainability at a scientific level

Studies completed by FAO have demonstrated the high nutritional power of some foods even - and above all - in the recovery and reuse phase. The scientific element that demonstrates the thesis depends on the quantity of water present in the food: the analysis has in fact demonstrated that by increasing the percentage of water in a healthy dish, the resulting feeling of satiety is greater, therefore it becomes a real own trick to respect the diet. However, it is necessary to go beyond the classic vegetable broth.

First of all, conservation of Italian meat

The first method to make the consumption of Italian organic meat as conscious as possible is to learn how to preserve it. Respecting times and methods by implementing small space-saving strategies therefore becomes a first method for consuming the right amount and avoiding waste. The advice for freezing is among the most disparate, often when we talk about sustainable meat we need to consider the entire production chain and not limit ourselves to a few phases which, although essential, are limiting.

Sous vide meat is better

Vacuum preservation is the most convenient solution for those who buy from an online butcher's shop and also lends itself to the concept of sustainability. On the one hand, the reduction in packaging meets the possibility of preserving cuts of Italian beef for longer.

Preference for fresh meat

Some beliefs are difficult to defeat. If the choice, for various reasons, veers towards fresh meat purchased from your local shop then you need to pay the utmost attention to the packaging phase. In fact, it seems that the preparation of pre-established packages allows for greater control of what is available in the pantry and at the same time offers carte blanche to the element of imagination, which is indispensable in the kitchen.

Italian beef: anti-waste and recycling recipes

The title is astounding, combining the terms meat and recycling seems impossible, yet many Italian recipes based on beef choose to use pre-cooked meat or meat used for other processes. Just think of boiled meat, or meatballs - grandma's ones! With the empty fridge recipe, or even stuffed meats, or if it's leftover cold cuts, here are the savory pies that reach the podium without any ifs or buts. Sometimes it's a question of the quality of the meat and the ingredients you choose to add to accentuate or tone down the pure flavor. The dexterity and mischief of those who cook therefore become the discriminating element for transforming a piece of meat from discarded to recycled without fear!

Italian cuisine and shopping list

Sometimes you need to find a solution along the way, other times it is the prevention phase that is essential. Here, just as we focus on the label, origin and farming method, we need to consider the shopping list as a primary essence. The online butcher's shop allows various solutions: on the one hand comfortable and practical boxes with a precise quantity of meat inside, on the other the choice of individual cuts of meat in different formats to offer a broad programming deadline.

Planning therefore becomes the first method to save meat and reduce waste to the bare minimum. If you add to this action the desire to create recipes with meat used for other processes, the circle closes in the best possible way! In fact, both the wallet and the throat will benefit, after all, meatballs - like grandma's - unleash everyone's taste buds. Now, you've discovered why they always seemed different!