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5 recipes with veal spleen

What is the spleen?

The spleen is an internal organ of the animal and has numerous nutritional properties, among which a high presence of iron stands out. The recipes in which she is the protagonist range from appetizing finger food solutions to more challenging variations rich in ingredients.

To cook the spleen you need to start with first choice ingredients, after all it is a portion of the fifth quarter often combined and proposed with offal, therefore particular care is needed to avoid bringing a rubbery and tasteless morsel to the table, or on the contrary too much rich in aromas and with a “stringy” taste.

The spleen, unlike the liver, does not filter the blood, therefore there are no - and there should not be - residues of drugs or antibiotics administered to the animal, which is why the nutritional value is underlined which, among other things, is also low in fat.

Recipes with bovine spleen

Limited time? You need to be resourceful and start from the main ingredient or, in the case of bovine or veal spleen, from the undisputed queen. It is therefore necessary to keep one element in mind: the spleen has a sweetish taste, which is why it is - almost - always accompanied by onions.

There are many ideas, Carne online Genuina offers some with a common denominator: the need to choose a first choice product to enjoy the culinary experience to the fullest.

Ca meusa sandwich recipe

From Sicily with fury!

The true and authentic recipe for the Sicilian sandwich with spleen strictly includes a sandwich or focaccia, veal spleen, lots of lemon, salt and pepper and caciocavallo to taste.

It can be eaten in one bite and is prepared very quickly, the proposed solution chooses to be the essential basis of an aperitif or an undisputed stop on a trip out of town in a fantastic city rich in history like Palermo. Choosing to taste local specialties means immersing yourself in the local culture and tradition, and when it comes to the spleen sandwich, Palermo has its own reason! Seeing is believing.

Spleen gourmet and spicy recipes

Salerno also offers a version of the spleen sandwich. The solution is a little more rustic and rather than being accompanied by a soft and structureless sandwich, it prefers the crunchiness and thickness of a more solid bread. The spicy touch recalls, without discussion, the area of ​​origin and recalls the importance of the added ingredient: the spleen with chilli pepper.

“Chicco” idea: spleen pâté

Just mention the term pâté and it's immediately tres chic! The spleen pâté is perfect if accompanied by croutons, perhaps interspersed with the variant for vegetarians with olives or with a diced omelette.

In short, the plating method becomes an added value and not a discriminating factor, what matters is the preparation which must be carried out in a workmanlike manner.

Carne Genuina comes to the rescue and solves the dilemma of "how to cook the spleen" and how to present the spleen by choosing an easy and high-impact solution: spleen pâté in a jar .

A particular pocket

Online we can find recipes that use the spleen as a pocket, filling it with many delicacies and creating a very particular second course. The multifaceted nature of the cut develops into different solutions that range across various fields, the stuffed pocket proposal becomes a rather economical and perfect solution for making the dish taste even for those who are reluctant to approach the world of the fifth quarter.

It seems like it, but it isn't: the Venetian spleen

Venice is the land of liver, there are several recipes that feature it as the protagonist. Choosing to replace the liver with bovine spleen becomes a practical and rather common solution, especially when choosing the dish for iron deficiency.

Attention to the recipe is essential, as you need to prepare all the ingredients with a little extra attention.

Venetian-style veal spleen has become a recipe offered in several restaurants, in short, something to reevaluate to make your dishes special.

Cleaning offal and how to cook spleen

Grandma's recipes are the real starting point of many solutions that involve offal and the fifth quarter as protagonists. To bring offal to the table in complete safety, you need to clean the cuts of meat with extreme care and, always fishing from grandmother's notebook, here are three low-cost solutions perfect for cleaning as best as possible:

  • Salt water . The method becomes the perfect solution for cleaning and “whitening” offal, especially when you choose to join the spleen to other sections of the fifth quarter.
  • Milk . Place a saucepan on the heat, boil the spleen and you obtain a delicate flavour, poor in ferrous aftertaste and extremely delicate.
  • Lemon or vinegar . Washing with an acidic ingredient gives a sensation of freshness, more the former than the latter becomes a valid ally for cleaning the spleen and giving a "disinfecting" sensation.

All that remains is to get to work and cook the spleen!