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Attenzione alla genuinità

Free range chicken

GMO and healthy eating

Recent years have seen a significant increase in awareness of what is put on the table .

Following the increase in consumption of many foodstuffs, the food industry has chosen to focus on the use of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) to respond to the ever-increasing demand.

Nonetheless, the old continent has chosen to remain anchored to peasant traditions, preferring the flavor and authenticity of the product rather than mass production and spasmodic attention towards industry.

Free-range chicken represents one of the examples of how attention to the authenticity of the product is put first to the detriment of mass production.

Europe and tradition, America and production

The use of GMOs is, to date, almost exclusive to America and Canada which, thanks to the competent authorities, have chosen to expand throughout the world by focusing on quantity to the detriment of quality .

Alongside the interest and attention of the final consumer, the European authorities have also chosen to encourage the conscious consumption of food. This is why food labels sometimes turn into a complicated crossword.

Europe has chosen a perhaps more sophisticated approach from the point of view of controls, but optimal for offering the final consumer an informed choice dictated by multiple factors.

This is why today it is important to know how to raise free-range chickens: animals that represent one of the many examples of healthy eating and cooking.

Raising Kabir chickens

Free-range chicken farms meet specific requirements dictated by the European community which define how to raise and feed the animals.

The first fundamental rule is growth in the open air and on the ground , this allows the animals to move in total freedom in the confined area.

This characteristic offers the animal the possibility of creating a resistant physical structure by returning firm flesh .

The second rule deals with nutrition, which defines a free-range chicken when it is fed exclusively with quality grains such as corn and wheat , in this way the authenticity of the product is respected.

The third rule requires the presence , inside the enclosure, of an area used as a sleeping area , where the animals can take shelter both during the night and when it is cold.

The free-range chicken is a slow-growing animal and slaughter takes place once sexual development is complete, i.e. after 6 months of life. This detail refines the breed since only natives can reach such expectations.

Among the best known is the Kabir chicken which weighs between 5 and 7 kg and can reach 7 months of age. The meat is lean and compact, the skin is intense yellow.

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