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Our cattle breeds

Each cattle breed has its own particularity

On our farm we raise each animal with care and passion, thanks to close collaboration between the breeder, nutritional consultants and centenary, 100% natural farm fodder that comes from our land: to experience first-hand what our animals eat.

All this is seasoned with extreme attention to animal welfare, to offer consumers products of the highest quality.

But why do we choose to offer certain high-quality beef cattle breeds? The simplest answer: because each of them gives particular nuances of taste and consistency to the final product thanks to the intrinsic characteristics which also depend on the origin of the breed, the diet and the character of the animal which make each cut of meat unique and special.

Belgian Blue: impressive goodness

The name suggests the origin of this bovine breed which is also highly appreciated and widespread on our tables. The Belgian Blue breed in fact comes from Belgium, where it is bred as the main breed throughout the country, and takes its name from its characteristic blue / gray coat.

This breed is appreciated and bred all over the world for its ability to produce large quantities of low-fat meat: a quantity which, thanks to the animal's musculature, is almost double that of other cattle.

Its meat is excellent and adapts to many cooking preparations. It is tasty and very lean and is often chosen by those who have to follow a particularly low-fat diet.

The Friesian: all the Italian character

The area of ​​origin of this breed is precisely where our company is located: the Po Valley. The Italian Friesian, although of similar origins to its Dutch and American cousins, has spread for many years throughout northern Italy (in particular Emilia-Romagna and Lombardy), as well as having been exported throughout the world as a symbol of excellence Italian.

We know it well as a bovine breed as many Italian recipes are adapted and based on this tasty, characterful and multifaceted meat.

A breed with a dual quality: it remains the queen among breeds, providing meat that is highly appreciated throughout the world and, at the same time, thanks to its milk, it helps in the production of high-level dairy products (just think, for example, of Parmigiano Reggiano) .

Charolaise: excellence from France

Charolaise is one of the most prized beef in the world: it is a white-coated breed that comes from France, in particular from the canton of Charolles. The size of these cows is very large and they can gain impressive weight: up to 1kg per day!

For this reason, the Charolaise is able to produce excellent quality meat thanks to its ability to develop massive muscle masses from which to obtain fine cuts of meat that are most appreciated by "grill purists" and "master grillers".

The meat has an excellent quantity of fat, an element that makes it particularly tender and tasty and suitable for slow cooking on the grill.

Freygaard or SASHI: the European Wagyu or Kobe

Freygaard or Sashi beef: the name itself brings to mind lakes, green lands and ancient Finnish legends, because it is precisely here that this selection of fabulous breeds comes from.

It is also called the "European Wagyu", since Finnish cow meat is very similar to the marbling of its Japanese cousin, thanks to the large amount of fat infiltration which creates a marbling very similar to Kobe meat.

The Freygaard (or Finnish cow) is a breed that is starting to interest the most refined palates for its highly prized meat with a particular taste: full and decisive, with a very pleasant and slightly greasy texture in the mouth, without ever being heavy.

Kobe-like meat: oriental delicacy

A special trend in restaurants around the world in recent years are dishes created with varieties of cuts of meat from Japanese cattle breeds often called Wagyu. In particular, the meat of a Japanese black breed called Tajima which comes from the Hyogo prefecture stands out in the cuisines.

The Kobe is one of the most prized breeds in the world. Its meat can be found in the recipes of starred chefs thanks to its unique characteristics that give the palate a surprising taste: a meat with a very high marbling that melts in the mouth. This is why it is among the tastiest beef in the world (as well as among the most expensive).

Angus: a “world race”

The Aberdeen Angus, which has arrived in Italy for many years now, is one of the most bred and consumed cattle breeds in the world. Originally from the county of the same name in the north of Scotland, it was then imported and bred in America (especially in Argentina), in Australia and in many areas of the world, above all thanks to its rusticity and ability to adapt.

Considered one of the finest meats in the world, Angus cuts are very soft, tender, with a strong and persistent flavour; this is because the animal has a good percentage of fat and produces beautiful marbled meat, capable of adapting to many cooking methods and surprising every palate.

All the cuts of beef you find in our shop come from our family-run company or from selected and certified companies which, like us, put the care and health of the animals first!