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Trucchi del mestiere

The pink card

The secrets of success are intertwined with the (sometimes ignored) tools of the industry. Observing great chefs struggling with the barbecue allows us to learn a lot of tricks of the trade. Here's the main one: the pink card .

When we went shopping

In times not too distant, thinking of purchasing food products, such as meat, through a website seemed to be a utopia, a joke between the zany and the science fiction, in short, a great nonsense. Instead, technologies have worked to offer this service and thanks to specific packaging methods, such as vacuum packing, even the steak can easily travel by wheel and reach the other end of Italy. Bovì is a perfect example of this, it goes without saying!

It seemed like madness, but today it's reality .

The technological innovation implemented in the food and transport sector has made cuts of meat homogeneous and, in doing so, has made the mythical, spectacular, phantasmagorical butcher's paper almost disappear.

Where the story of the pink paper begins

If your observant spirit is at an "expert" level, you will surely have noticed that those most skilled in cooking grilled meat prefer to let the meat rest before placing it on the grill on a particular paper, similar to that of the butcher but, with a pink, reusing it later to preserve the product after cooking, have you noticed?

They call him the barbecue guru, for enthusiasts he represents a true master to follow step by step, in short, all his advice turns into gold and rightfully enters into the perfect protocol for a mind-boggling barbecue: he is Aaron Franklin .

The many awards won offer the barbecue guru the possibility of remaining without fear on the podium of the best in cooking cuts of meat suitable for the barbecue .

During one of his latest television appearances he showed what he uses to preserve the meat and keep it as if it had just been removed from the heat throughout the service: he uses pink paper .

He wraps his flagship dish: the morsels of meat in the magic paper and, in doing so, manages to guarantee a complete service, without any mistakes or negative points.

Aaron said he learned the technique from his father who, thanks to the teachings of his grandfather and who knows how many other ancestors, managed to make an otherwise forgotten tool current and necessary.

Here we are straight to the point, the tricks, those of the past!

What is pink paper?

There are many similarities between pink paper and butcher's paper , and among them the consistency stands out: on the outside it is common food paper, while on the inside there is an oily film to the eye and to the touch which allows liquids to flow and prevents the proliferation of bacteria.

This is why master butchers use the paper in their possession to package every single cut of meat purchased by the customer.

Pink paper, called " fishing paper " by some of the greatest minds in the sector due above all to its particular colour, is a variant of butcher's paper. The difference? The ability of this extraordinary tool to maintain the temperature for a short period ! In short, when the barbecue is full of succulent meat to cook, you need to work hard to bring a hot and homogeneous meal to the table!

Pink paper protects food

The main objective of the pink paper is to avoid drying out of the meat after cooking.

Maintaining a certain temperature ensures that the meat is juicy , inviting and tasty despite having been removed from the heat for some time: this is the secret that Aaron uses in his restaurant!

Sometimes, chaos can be created during the execution of orders, and the pink card solves the dilemma and offers temporary conservation, in short, as if to say: the service is solid, the restaurant can continue to sail in excellent waters!

Unexpected events can also happen during a barbecue with friends, and so, if you have the necessary tools you can take action and continue the party. After all, what else can a barbecue be if not a beautiful private party?

The non-porous foil of the pink paper represents the technical detail that allows the post-cooked meat not to come into contact with the air , interrupts the smoking process and allows the chef of the moment to offer a dish as dictated by the recipe.

Likewise, the foil reflects heat and, in doing so, maintains a homogeneous temperature . Aluminum foil is the tool that is generally used in this situation, but today, we have discovered that the benefits of pink paper or fishing paper are not at all comparable and, consequently, we can brag from the rooftops that pink paper wins hands down any game you play!

My perfect barbecue

Now that we have clarified the mysterious presence of the "pink quota" in many tutorials and insights dedicated to the world of barbecue, all we have to do is dot the i's and delve deeper into another topic of fundamental importance, without which (alas!), it will be it is almost impossible to bring a perfect and tasty dish to the table.

Cutting meat and choosing a healthy and genuine product is a fundamental step that is too often relegated to a second level.

The preference for certified products and the ability to choose - and dare - unusual combinations is - in most cases - the perfect solution. In short, you pass the pink slip, you use all the tools of the trade, but without good quality meat the use of time and resources ends up with a poor result.

Exactly with this objective Carne Genuina proposes the Barbecue Box which contains multiple proposals capable of surprising, enchanting and satisfying all the palates of diners.

The recipes that include marinating are those that best lend themselves to putting barbecue cooking into practice, while the choice of tools, on the other hand, moves hand in hand with the quality of the meat. Seeing is believing!