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Benessere animale

Antibiotic resistance

When too much care hurts

“Antibiotic resistance” refers to the phenomenon whereby some bacteria develop resistance to the antibiotics we use to treat farmed animals.

One of the factors that creates antibiotic resistance is the spread in the world of intensive farming, where hundreds of animals are crammed into very crowded stables or sheds with a truly high density of animals per m2 . Without excessively judging this type of practice, let us remember that this breeding method is very harmful and stressful for the animals, whose life cycle tends to go out of balance because it is aimed at having to push performance to extremes: yield, growth speed and achievement of ideal weights. for slaughter in a very short time.

Consider a very important fact: approximately 70% of antibiotics sold in Italy are intended for animals. This is because the use of antibiotics has been widely abused in the world of breeding for commercial purposes, in order to keep the animals alive as much as possible (be careful, we didn't say healthy) and to prevent them from continually getting ill, given the conditions in which they live.

Obviously, it is very difficult to avoid making these animals sick because they are forced to live crowded together and in close contact with each other all day. For this reason, when an element becomes ill, it is very difficult to isolate it and be able to treat it adequately, preventing the disease from spreading.

Then, broad-spectrum antibiotics are added to the waterers or feeders so that the cure can be administered to the sick elements: a completely normal practice. The negative thing, however, is that in this way the entire population of the stable also benefits from it, including healthy animals that do not require care.

The problem with this practice is that more and more bacteria are now becoming immune to the antibiotics that were created to eradicate them, making these drugs ineffective and compromising the animals' ability to fight these very common infectious diseases which, however, in the long run , prove fatal.

Our antibiotic-free animals

The animal husbandry system makes a big difference to the quality of their lives. Our concept of animal welfare reflects the company mission that we respect and put into practice every day. We feed our animals with hay and grass from our land: a step forward towards the application of the closed cycle which allows complete control and respect for the animal throughout its existence.

The animals live in very abundant and adequate environments, they are cleaned and raised on permanent litter enjoying the possibility of being outdoors: all this means that they require smaller quantities of drugs.

This attention allows us to have an incredibly high level of herd health. For this reason we have the opportunity to boast the practice of antibiotic-free breeding. This possibility allows us to offer consumers antibiotic-free products: meat without antibiotics.

Since 2019 the Soc. Agr. F.lli Assanelli, has begun a process of certification and guarantee of welfare on farms according to the standard of the National Reference Center for Animal Welfare (CReNBA).

CReNBA has developed an animal welfare evaluation system that takes into consideration environmental conditions (management, structures, equipment and microclimatic conditions) and the evaluation of the reactions and adaptation of animals to farming conditions: for example, just observe how much the animals are calm and how is it possible to approach them in a natural way).

Our mission

The attention we pay to the processing of our meat is the result of the desire to create something that will end up on the table of a family, like ours. This is why we only select family-run companies where, from generation to generation, those little secrets capable of making a difference for the animals are passed down.

Find out more about our company mission .

In the boxes we choose to offer different cuts of antibiotic-free meat, capable of stimulating the imagination and being the main components of innovative dishes with refined and uncommon cuts! The 10 kg Bovì Box is suitable for supplying the whole family, the 5 kg Bovì Box contains a smaller quantity but rich in flavour. If you want to savor some more particular flavours, try the 6 kg Wagyu Box: marbled meat that melts in your mouth.