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Eccellenza italiana

Pino Puglisi : hazelnuts

Between the Mole Antonelliana and the Egyptian Museum, the city of Turin hides a little big secret that makes Pino Puglisi 's butcher's shop a unique and rare Turin excellence.

Who is Pino Puglisi ?

Pino Puglisi is a butcher with thirty years of experience who managed to overturn the supply chain of a closed-cycle farming with the introduction of hazelnuts into animal feed .

Palermo by birth, Turin by adoption, over time he has refined the technique, developed the practice and thanks to entrepreneurial astuteness, found a unique solution to make his product rich in flavour, unparalleled and perfect for many preparations.

The path was not easy, he struggled to search for and find a farm willing to listen - and put into practice - his theory , but with determination and passion for the butcher's profession, he managed to make his dream come true.

The goal, cultivated from a young age, when he was a simple journeyman, was the pursuit of excellence , today he is proud to have reached the goal and offer his unique product to the public.

The magic ingredient: hazelnut

Pino Puglisi considers hazelnuts as a fundamental ingredient to add to a natural animal diet. Furthermore, it is essential to eliminate all traces of compound feed and mineral supplements.

The farm that allows him to put his theory into practice involves Piedmontese breed cattle fed on a closed cycle: Giovanni Rossetti in Cavour , at the head of a family business, represents the perfect condition!

From here begins the journey that over time turns out to be a real revolution in the breeding sector .

The result of a diet centered on hazelnuts leads to extraordinary results, both from an organoleptic point of view and in terms of the nutritional properties of the final product.

Specifically, the protocol involves a diet based on corn , bran , hay and obviously hazelnuts . In the short term , slower fattening is achieved compared to traditional breeding, but in the long term it translates into significantly higher quality .

Italian excellence translates into the preference and exclusivity of use of exclusively Italian raw materials: the hazelnuts come from Viterbo - and meet the requirements of the Agricultural Forestry Policies regulations, while the animals belong to the Rossetti breeding farm which operates in a closed cycle .

The properties of the hazelnut

Pino Puglisi chooses hazelnuts because, thanks to twenty years of studies, he has found the perfect characteristics to support and increase the nutritional properties of beef .

In fact, by using this ingredient, there is no increase in fat substance which translates into a high level of monounsaturated fats and a very low level of cholesterol in the meat.

In terms of the palate, the Pino Puglisi supply chain brings to the table an extremely lean cut of meat and, at the same time, with a delicate taste , with a soft and malleable consistency.

Closed cycle farming

The objective of creating excellent meat was born and developed thanks to the presence and interest of closed-cycle farming. Alongside traditional supply chains, many companies exist and operate in Italy that choose to produce genuine and healthy meat.

Moving away from large-scale retail products and choosing farms that put the animal and well-being first is the first step to bringing reliable, healthy and above all flavourful products to the table.

The preference of small farms towards the pursuit of excellence and the desire to experiment with new elements to obtain delicious dishes is the goal of all those who carry out their work with passion and enthusiasm .

Hazelnuts in Italy , in the rest of the world?

In Italy the master butcher Pino Puglisi and in Japan Kobe meat , once again we find the desire to research, to experiment and to add an imaginative touch and to find excellence.

The two processes differ from each other in terms of tradition, preparation methods and trade, but in both realities you can breathe the unique air and enthusiasm of those who have managed to create a unique product capable of surprising.

The Assanelli brothers farm chooses to follow an animal growth protocol that places the well-being and respect of the livestock at the centre. In doing so, it can boast the ability to produce particular and at the same time complete meat from a nutritional point of view .

The proposal of genuine meat is to offer uncommon cuts of meat and other more well-known ones in the Bovì Box . By doing so you have the opportunity to experiment with new recipes while maintaining the certainty that the ingredients are healthy and genuine.