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Questions and answers on meat for an informed purchase

Organic meat and beyond

Buying meat in an online butcher's shop means consciously choosing what you want to bring to the table. If turning to your local butcher is synonymous with a guarantee, the same certainty can be carried into the digital world, especially in recent years where the world of the internet has allowed us to maintain an intact connection with the world outside.

Online butchers are therefore a digital extension of the local shop and, exactly as happens in the neighborhood shop, you need to know how to choose. The focal point therefore becomes the choice that arises from greater knowledge and different insights into both the ingredients and the raw materials. An organic farming, thanks to the stringent rules, allows us to offer a high quality product and the possibility of creating healthy and genuine recipes with a strong traditional scent, in short, the exact synthesis of the thought "it's done like it used to be!"

Where to buy genuine meat?

It all depends on the meaning associated with the word genuine. For us Carne Genuina means traditional breeding, animal welfare and respect for the times of nature. The line of thought translates into 100% Italian meat with a higher level of intramuscular fat capable of accentuating the flavor of the meat. At the same time, this characteristic allows a low level of unsaturated fatty acids which are harmful to human health.

Another aspect of traditional farming is the limited presence of antibiotics and chemical substances which affect both the environmental impact and the health of the animal itself. In short, genuine meat means choosing tradition, meat like it used to be and yes, even choosing an online butcher's shop where you can find meat from around the world.

Where to buy meat online?

There are many ways to buy meat online. On the one hand, you can choose to create a virtual cart on one of the many sites made available to large-scale retailers which include the online butchers section. Or, you may prefer virtual showcases of farms that have chosen to enter the digital world and create their own online butcher's shop. Carne Genuina, for example, offers a wide range of products that responds to the same philosophy of its production: products resulting from traditional methods and local excellence such as online bbq meat , online wagyu butchery, craft beer , sausages with DOP marking and others Italian specialities.

Where to buy Wagyu meat online?

The wonderful wagyu meat that is becoming popular in restaurants all over the world has become a true "must eat". Refined, tasty and precious, Wagyu meat in Italy is really taking hold in everyone's kitchens and is increasingly sought after to bring a true delicacy to the table. But where to buy wagyu meat online? In addition to the many neighborhood butchers, being able to find wagyu meat online is not difficult - if you know where to buy -. In our online butcher's shop we often have Wagyu meat available from cattle raised by us on the farm.

The 5 kg Wagyu Box - available only for short periods - for example, is a treasure chest of delicacies that contains the tastiest cuts of this meat such as: wagyu ribs , wagyu Florentine steak , wagyu hamburgers and much more. In addition to the possibility of buying wagyu meat online, Carne Genuina offers home delivery to receive wagyu meat in Milan, Bergamo and other selected cities. In short, the only thing to do is choose, purchase and receive wagyu meat comfortably at home.

How to avoid intensively farmed meat?

Is it easy to avoid meat that comes from intensive farming? Easy, or maybe not. First you need to know the meaning and processing method of intensive farming. The industrial supply chain needs to respond to the demand in a different way compared to a traditional breeding, if on the one hand the job revolves around the customer, on the other it is the raw material that is put first. The choice to focus on the animal's well-being offers a complete, healthy and genuine product capable of reawakening dormant senses. To avoid intensive farming, you need to move away from the common concept of meat and learn to read labels. In fact, European regulations define and structure the entire history of the cut of meat you are preparing to purchase.

Where to buy meat that doesn't come from intensive farming?

Know before you buy. First of all, you need to find out about the different methods of preparing meat online and, once you understand the different methods, approach the rural tradition and start looking for traditional or organic farming. The world of the internet allows you to virtually reach numerous places where you can buy organic meat online with the guarantee of product quality. Another detail to consider, to know where to buy meat that does not come from intensive farming, is the delivery and preparation method: our online butcher's shop chooses to follow the vacuum-packed ideology which offers numerous advantages and increases the shelf life of the product. Know in order to buy, so as to avoid bringing inferior products to the table and ruining dishes created with effort and devotion.

When does meat leak?

Wondering why meat leaks? One of the main reasons that answer the question of excessive quantities of water during cooking is the poor quality of the product. Where cuts of meat from intensive farming are used, you will notice a greater presence of this problem. In intensive farming, in fact, the animals are fed with feed created in the laboratory with a rather high percentage of water, so as to speed up the growth and maturation of the meat, in exchange, however, the quality of the final product is rather poor and lends itself to the preparation of a rather limited number of recipes. Bringing quality Italian meat to the table means having one more possibility to recreate typical traditional flavors and aromas and at the same time having the certainty that the meat is healthy and genuine.