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Eco Friendly

The new portable and ecological grill and the surprise box

Eco friendly grill: the environmentally friendly portable grill

The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising and we are only thinking about one thing: the barbecue! The cold season is now behind us and - finally - after many months we can grill excellent Italian meat in the garden or on the veranda without wearing a ski suit! Of course, organizing a nice barbecue with friends at home is always nice, but what if we wanted to dare more and decide to spend a few hours in a park, by the river or in the mountains and want to grill in company or in sweet company?

As we well know, the life of "away from home" grillers is often complicated, because not all parks, green areas or picnic areas provide the typical concrete grills or areas dedicated to barbecues. At the same time, not everyone always has the time to organize a trip out of town or a super barbecue with lots of friends and relatives. So, Carne Genuina has thought of everything and has found a real ace up its sleeve: the environmentally friendly disposable grill - for real -.

Casus Grill: the eco-friendly portable barbecue

As you well know, we have embarked on a path that leads us to have a production and supply chain that is much friendlier to the earth. To continue this philosophy, we have decided to present a new frontier of BBQ: the eco-friendly disposable instant grill. Obviously, we tested it for you and are very satisfied!

The Causus Grill was designed by an innovative Danish startup and was chosen by us because it is 100% biodegradable, super handy (31 x 24 cm), light and made with completely natural materials:

  • lava stone: pure and perfectly recyclable
  • vegetal charcoal: non-chemical and optimizes heat
  • bamboo: natural, solid and antibacterial
  • cardboard base: 100% recycled paper

Casus Grill is a disposable, aluminum-free biodegradable barbecue grill with instant ignition: all you need is a lighter and in 5 minutes it is ready to cook small BBQ meat such as pork skewers, chicken skewers, salami and Luganega sausage. Obviously, it is also ideal for grilling small shellfish, fruit and vegetables: in short, there is no limit to your imagination!

The disposable grill maintains the temperature for approximately 60 minutes, cooks cuts of meat perfectly, leaves no unpleasant odors and can be easily disposed of in the fire you have created as a brazier. One thing to note: lava stone is not biodegradable but can be reused in the garden as fertilizer or decoration (remember to take it away with you or dispose of it).

An all-inclusive barbecue box

And if the trip out of town calls for an easy and environmentally friendly barbecue, Carne Genuina responds! We have launched the super novelty, ready to use, ideal for both city parks and wilder areas and with everything you need, the new Grigliatina Box: for a picnic and a super eco outdoor grill.

The Grigliatina Box is the complete kit for an eco-friendly barbecue, perfect for 2 people. A true all-inclusive barbecue complete with meat and an environmentally friendly disposable portable grill.

The Grillatina Box includes:

  • 1 fully biodegradable disposable grill, 31cm x 24cm
  • 4 pork sausages, approximately 175 g each
  • 4 pork skewers of approximately 150 g each
  • 2 craft beers from the Pratorosso brewery, 33 cl

In short, a truly complete kit for spending days outdoors, with friends and relatives, without damaging our planet and in super comfort. Remember to always respect the environment and nature will thank us.