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Questions and answers on meat: the return

What is meat?

It's easy to say "Let's have a steak!" but in practice, what exactly does this mean? Meat, understood as a food, has a thousand diversities: the bovine breed, the color, the cooking, the preparation, just to name a few. Without forgetting the marinade, the choice of cut and finally the religious question.

Globalization is responsible for the latest diversification, but everything else depends - largely - on the tradition and creativity of starred and non-starred chefs who have chosen to bring different types to the table, telling the world behind it.

Carne online Genuina is part of this world and in particular deals with producing genuine meat, the result of traditional methods, created with agriculture 4.0 and in full respect of the recipes of the past. The collection of proposed questions comes from our community, we have chosen to share them because we like to resolve problems and doubts, so as to offer the best without half measures.

What meat can you eat raw?

The cuts of meat for tartare are quite common and adaptable to different recipes: rump, silverside and walnut are the perfect solutions. Generally speaking, these are rather lean cuts, with a maturation period ranging from 20 to 30 days, capable of restoring a complete, satisfying and at the same time light and delicate flavour.

The flagship is represented by the preparation which in raw meat is divided into two broad schools of thought: tartare and pounded meat. If one wants minced meat, the other wants it to be cut into chunks with a knife with a sharp blade and traditional preparation.

The doubt that usually accompanies the choice is " How to season meat tartare?" ”, easy, perhaps very easy. If you simply choose oil, you should prefer the EVO version which envelops the palate without distorting the taste.

When it comes to spices, however, a world opens up, at times magical: black pepper, lemon, oriental herbs and mint represent the perfect compromise, adding just enough to make the bite fragrant and tasty.

Which meat contains the most iron?

Red meat is the type that contains the greatest quantity of iron, adult cattle for example contains a percentage of up to 77%, but you need to know how to choose the cut of meat. The liver is by far the element of the fifth quarter which contains the highest quantity and becomes an excellent food for those who need to integrate iron into their diet.

White meat also contains a small quantity, but horse meat stands out in terms of percentage. Nutritionists often prescribe horse meat to increase iron and solve health problems.

Among the tasty and traditional recipes there is the spleen sandwich which reaches the continent from Sicily and expresses all its sublime flavour.

Which meat for strips?

The meat strips are a light and tasty recipe which, when accompanied by rocket and parmesan, convey simplicity and completeness.

Easy to prepare, they lend themselves to perfection when the rump is the protagonist, the cut of meat is obtained from the area between the leg and the loin and, given the location, it is lean to the right point and tasty just enough to be combined with simple ingredients such as rocket and parmesan to be precise.

The rags solve many second courses, and are often offered as a single dish, in the latter case it is necessary to offer a slightly more substantial side dish such as polenta or baked potatoes. What remains imprinted is the multifaceted and adaptable cut of meat for different solutions.

Are offal meat?

Daughters of popular tradition, offal makes the little ones turn up their noses and evokes childhood memories for the older ones. By offal we mean cuts belonging to the fifth quarter, in particular: brain, heart, liver, tongue, spleen, lungs, kidneys and sweetbreads. Moments of these names alone say little, but it is enough to mention tripe to receive a reaction - positive or negative, whether it is.

Once upon a time, offal was used to make the Sunday dish, as meat was rather prohibitive for many. Today, however, many choose to bring to the table versions of nouvelle cousine with their protagonists, the much loved and hated offal.

What are white meats?

There are many differences that revolve around meat, among these there is a differentiation that wants to put color first. In fact, there are white, red, rosé, black and white meats : the differences depend on the quantity of hemoglobin contained.

White meat is therefore a carrier of little iron and suitable for a low-fat diet since the nutritional table lends itself perfectly to foods with low calorie content.

Sheep meat, some pork cuts, and poultry are mostly classified as white meat.

In addition to color, we often ask ourselves: “ What is gluten-free meat? ” Generally speaking, all untreated meat is gluten-free, so you need to rely on the label and find out if other ingredients were used in the processing, without distinction of color.

Halal meat meaning, uses and customs

For Muslims, Halal meat is "pure" meat. In fact, in the Islamic religion, there are specific rules for slaughter, treatment and consumption of meat which, if respected, identify the butcher as Halal. Often the term goes beyond meat and includes all foods that are created following and respecting certain principles corresponding to religion and tradition.

Halal is contrasted with haram, if the first term means permitted, the second is exactly the opposite: prohibited and, once again, refers to the Islamic sacred book - the Koran, which tells the story of the prophet Muhammad. The concept of pure links food to a much deeper concept, according to Islam, in fact, the human being reaches purity - also - through the food he introduces, this is why it is necessary to pay attention to every single food: to heal the soul and body, therefore takes on a very specific meaning.