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Italian cowboys and the American dream

Who is the buttero?

The American cowboy of western films who, riding his horse, regardless of the harsh sun, moves through his territory to round up the cattle that happily graze here and there. In addition to the romanticized vision of the professional figure, the buttero is a respectable traditionalist who wants to continue ancient and fascinating customs. The unmistakable clothing allows you to recognize them and thus be able to observe them during the harvesting work. The job hides a certain charm as it brings to mind ancient methods and at the same time offers the possibility of "touching first-hand" the meaning of respecting the well-being of the animal which, in free grazing, finds its own nature and develops well-developed muscles. defined.

The history of the butteri: the Italian cowboys

If the professional figure is resolved, now we need to take a step back in time to discover a curiosity to jealously guard and reel off at the first 100% Italian meat barbecue shared with friends. It doesn't matter whether there will be a Fiorentina or the classic ribs on the table, what matters is to amaze the guests in every form and moment.

The tradition of Italian butteri is much older than the well-known American cowboy. The figure still present today in the Maremma countryside is intended to be more of a reminder of the old tradition rather than fully carrying out the task for which he was born.

After all, being a buttero means being on horseback for many hours a day, and translates into enormous effort that combines with the need to gather the livestock and refine the mastery of taming the horse which remains in constant movement.

The Legend of Buffalo Bill

Towards the end of the 19th century, the most famous American cowboy brought his spectacular and rather challenging show to Italy: the Wild West Show which tells the myth of the American frontier in the form of a story, that fantastic world translated into skits and re-enactments. Having reached the area around Latina and given the presence of the butteri, Buffalo Bill's men were challenged by the Duke of Sermoneta. The challenge was structured in 3 directions: lassoing, saddling and riding one of the most impetuous horses. After all, the American boasted of being the best cowboy in the world and was filled with pride. The first challenge was a success, the word spread and Augusto Imperiali also chose to challenge Buffalo Bill and his team. On this tour, however, it was the Italian with his nine butteri who tamed the implacable colt, thus collecting plaudits and civic recognition.

Where to find an Italian cowboy?

Today the ranches in Italy are enclosed in a well-defined territory that ranges from Tuscany to Lazio, the Maremma cowboys can be recognized by their particular clothing: leg warmers, moleskin trousers, velvet jacket and black hat. The greatcoat is the large cloak they use only in case of adverse conditions, and the Italian cowboy is recognized by the mazzarella: the stick used to move oxen and sometimes horses.

Once upon a time they were much more numerous than today since between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century it was customary to raise livestock outdoors. Today there are butteri associations that choose to recreate performances to show the public the life of the past and bring back the desire to rediscover the importance of nature and respect for the environment that surrounds us.

Cows grazing and breeding

Finding local traditions that allow us to find a connection with a tasty and delicious dish such as grilled meat is a perfect compromise to increasingly appreciate the goodness of the dish and choose farms that enhance the traditional scent. Tradition, after all, is a fundamental element that allows us to maintain an intact link with our origins and be able to pass down particular methods that range from the preparation of meat to the desire to combine ingredients to create new recipes.

Carne online Genuina offers cuts of 100% Italian meat that range from traditional solutions to more curious and risky ones. The possibility of choosing what to bring to the table therefore becomes the perfect starting point for creating a union between tradition and innovation, a bit like reinventing butteri.