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Box Natale

For Christmas give a genuine gift: the beer box

Imagine that…

Carne Genuina has chosen to support the philosophy of animal welfare and respect the parameters of agriculture 4.0. The desire to respond to one's audience by offering common and curious cuts of meat combined with other products that would otherwise have little success becomes the main reason for the creation of the boxes.

Meat for boiled meat, meat for grilling, beer and wine, cheese, meat for BBQ, buffalo mozzarella...

These are just a few examples which, studied down to the smallest detail, allow us to bring complete and fascinating recipes to the table capable of reviving ancient traditions.

The first box was born exactly like this, an image that appeared by chance, where the grandmother's house, or rather the kitchen, was filled with a particular scent. From then on it was a crescendo, after all the perfumes are the only elements that remain indelibly engraved in everyone's mind. Imagine a perfume, relive the memory, recreate the recipe thanks to the box. And voilà!

Beer box tasting…What?

Beer paired with beef is a winning combination, addictive and simple. If simplicity lies in the possibility of creating quick and easy combinations, the compelling and winning harmony chooses to rely on the perfect synchrony that oscillates between the intense and full-bodied taste of the beer with the chosen cuts of beef capable of releasing the sensation of softness and flavor where they are cooked to perfection.

Traditional Italian recipes help - and not a little - to create combinations capable of combining imagination and releasing a unique flavour. Carne Genuina chooses to propose the Beer Box Christmas Edition to offer inspiration and resolve the Hamlet-like doubts that revolve around some risky combinations.

The extra touch is to add the Cheese Box which offers that authentic scent and thanks to the mustard present in the package allows you to increase a particular and sublime flow at the same time.

Beer box tasting Christmas version

The proposal contains:

  • 1 White or Light or Amber Beer Pratorosso, 330 ml
  • 1 Pratorosso Red Beer, 330 ml
  • 1 Pratorosso Dark Beer, 330 ml
  • 2 local salami Sunì

The idea is to offer the right level of alcohol for each course and add a tasty and genuine touch guaranteed by the salami which, thanks to being local, allow you to bring to the table a simple and traditional appetizer of cured meats and cheeses.

Christmas box question

Carne online Genuina chooses to offer different boxes that meet and intercept the most disparate requests. On the one hand, the desire to dare with a particular Italian recipe that brings particular cuts of meat closer to traditional preparations made as they once were. On the other hand, the need to purchase something already designed to respond to modern times where having to stop and plan a week or more of food borders on the harmful.

How to do? Here is the solution thanks to the boxes that add that extra touch and replace the wise ideas of the housewives of the past who chose to create rich dishes with "what little they had".

Today the boxes bring back the idea of ​​tradition, allowing you to add personalized details such as the creation of particular and unique recipes that start with "what you find in the pantry".

Craft beer online: the tasting box

Why craft beer? What does it contain more than other local products? Simple. The answer is very simple.

Beer is the element that is best associated with meat, imagine a midsummer barbecue, the charcoal sizzling, a hamburger or a steak cooked on the grill and... a nice cold beer: golden, straw-yellow, light and easy to drink.

Or a change of plan, a braised meat cooked to perfection, perhaps with a good Barolo… On the table you need a red beer, demanding and well-structured, capable of supporting the full and intense flavor of the sauce that accompanies the meat. Aperitif moment? What better than an amber beer? With that taste that's a little like this, with that color that's a little like that, it's immediately celebration and joy!

Jokes aside, the possibility of adding a good beer to a traditional beef-based recipe always seems to be a good and valid - perhaps very good - idea. The desire to choose craft beers becomes a very respectable plus that goes well with the idea of ​​breeding and agriculture chosen by Carne Genuina, this explains the mystery.