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American BBQ

Spicy BBQ Brisket Recipe

What is beef brisket?

What is brisket called in Italy? We commonly know it as brisket. Brisket, in fact, is a cut of beef that is usually used, especially in Italian culture, to make tasty roasts, spectacular burgers, and rich meat broths.

There is a use, which comes from overseas which tells of the perfect union with the grill and transforms any dish - good, but still anonymous - into something to remember, mark twice on the calendar.

Following the tricks for cooking brisket on the BBQ and the perfect illustrated handbook.

When everything is ready, when compliance with the rules is fulfilled, imagination can be used to add, remove and adjust that something that makes the dish unique and personalized.

Ingredients for the American brisket recipe

  • 1 brisket - beef brisket
  • Burger RUB
  • EVO oil for marinating
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Perfect BBQ tools

  • Probe thermometer
  • Prongs
  • Meat knife
  • “Space” BBQ
  • Charcoal or solid wood

Barbecue brisket process

Once the meat is at room temperature it is necessary to eliminate the excess fat so as to make everything suitable for the palate by recreating the balance between meat and fat. Prepare the marinade by adding RUB and EVO oil, let the meat rest for 12 hours.

Carry out the injection and prepare the fire at 120 °C by choosing a scented and massive wood to make the smoking more consistent.

Place the cut of beef on the heat using a baking tray and leave on the heat for at least 4 hours in a space where there is no direct fire.

Wrap the meat in butcher paper - adding a little water, preferably vaporised.

Continue cooking up to 95°C inside and using the skewer iron check the consistency of the meat, if it is soft like a touch of butter, well we're there!

Leave the meat to rest in the oven for half an hour at a maximum temperature of 60°C. Cut the meat against the grain, add sauce to taste, the mood can be BBQ and bring to the table.

Vacuum-packed meat online: space conservation

Carne Genuina offers the possibility of purchasing brisket online and other vacuum-packed cuts of meat and this method hides many advantages which, in addition to the possibility of improving conservation, allows bacteria to eliminate proliferation and offer better cooking performance.

The same concept can be applied to cooked meat which, if vacuum-packed, keeps various characteristics intact which accentuate the taste, flavor and intensity of the meat. Vacuum-packed meat is a perfect solution for extending shelf life without compromising in any way the organoleptic qualities of meat produced following the traditional method.

The issue of antibiotic reduction, respect for the cycle of nature, animal welfare are key elements in traditional farming which translate into healthy and genuine products.

Another farm animal that shows itself in all its goodness if it responds to free-range farming is the free-range chicken which translates into meat rich in flavor - even if it is white meat, and an authentic flavor.

How do you eat brisket? I'll accompany her

Bringing beef brisket to the table is already a fantastic and rich operation in itself, if you want you can add that something that enriches the table with joy.

The solutions range from complementary products to others that are presented as a side dish, perhaps always cooked on the barbecue and capable of offering a flavor capable of completing the taste of the beef.

If the desire to cook brisket is prevalent, it is necessary to accompany the dish with other tasty dishes. A practical, curious and colorful solution is the addition of chicken skewers which, if they meet the requirements of meat produced on traditional farms, become the perfect plus for a beautifully rich table.

Side dish and taste: vegetables to pair with BBQ meat

In addition to the classic baked potatoes, you can bring other vegetables to the table that are the perfect accompaniment. Genuine meat offers perfect solutions with both beef and chicken meat. All that's left to do is compose the perfect mix...get to work! Enjoy your meal!