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Al forno o in agrodolce

Salted tongue

A typical dish of the Venetian province, the salted tongue manages to find the perfect combination with refined and ambitious elements.

The preparation of this dish is long and slow and requires a good dose of patience. Precisely for this reason you can choose to bring more combinations to the table so as not to see your efforts in vain.

Choose two combinations and let your imagination run free, what is essential to take into consideration is the right duration of the marinating phase and the need to combine light foods that are able to support the strong and marked flavor of the pickled tongue.

Baked pickled tongue

The cooking times of the pickled tongue in the oven are quite long , which is why this recipe allows the creation of spectacular side dishes that delight the sight of adults and children.

Accompanying this dish with mashed potatoes and carrots is the perfect solution to create a play of color that helps make the dish original.



The first phase is marinating . After 15/18 days you can proceed with cooking and serving.

Take the marinated veal tongue and rinse it in plenty of cold water.

In a prepared pan , cut the celery , onion and carrot into small pieces, add 6 glasses of water and the pickled tongue. Bake at 120°C for 6 hours covering the pan with a lid .

Once baked, let it cool and when you can handle it with bare hands, remove the outer skin . You will be sure that the pickled tongue will be cooked to perfection since you will be able to clean it without difficulty, otherwise put it back in the oven for a while longer.

Using a cutting board and a sharp knife, cut the pickled tongue into slices of about half a centimeter.

Serve, add your favorite side dish and garnish the dish with green sauce or mayonnaise.

The additional idea consists in seasoning the meat with extra virgin olive oil flavored with chilli pepper so as to add a touch of flavor to this typical Venetian dish.

Pickled tongue and sweet and sour vegetables

Preparing the pickled tongue will be child's play by following small and easy precautions.

The marinating phase is essential to obtain a tasty and rich dish. The spices involved contribute to the concentration or dampening of the flavor, which is why it is important to choose carefully and avoid overdoing it.

After all, they can always be added in the last phase!

The pickled tongue framed by sweet and sour vegetables allows the view to receive an imaginative glance that will raise a smile. Here's how to prepare them!



After completing the marinating phase, prepare the pickled tongue for plating.

Using a large pot, boil the water with the salted tongue for at least 3 hours .

Next, let it cool and peel off the skin .

Put the extra virgin olive oil on the heat and while it heats, wash and cut the vegetables into chunks, starting with the onion and then adding: aubergine , courgettes and tomatoes .

Leave on high heat for at least 15 minutes, continuing to mix so as to pay maximum attention and prevent the vegetables from burning. Reduce the heat to low, add the sugar and apple cider vinegar and let it evaporate for at least 10 minutes.

While the vegetables are cooling, using a cutting board and a sharp knife , cut the pickled tongue into thin slices.

Serve by creating a frame with the sweet and sour vegetables and adding small mayonnaise stars.

The dish is ready, your mouth is watering... too!