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Chicken rolls with salami paste

The tasty recipe for chicken rolls with salami paste

Chicken rolls with a tasty filling of salami paste and stringy cheese are ideal for a second course with "light" chicken meat but with that extra taste given by the salami. Whether you decide to prepare them for a family meal or for a dinner with friends, no one will be able to resist this balanced mix that chicken and pork can give to the dish. If we really want to go "all in", the addition of a stringy cheese will really make everyone lick their chops.

And, like many of the recipes you find on our blog, this one was (ap)tested by us.

Needless to say, success was guaranteed and the rolls didn't even last long enough to take a decent photo of the final dish. Here is the only find.

Rolls with organic meat: healthy and good

The chicken meat we chose is the new arrival in our online butcher's shop: organic chicken. Tasty, good and super healthy, only it could compare to the salami paste we used for the filling.

In particular, we used organic chicken breast. This cut of 100% Italian organic meat comes from free-range chicken raised on the ground on the Noi e la Natura organic farm.

The owners started their family-run organic farm in 1995, in the Cremonese countryside. They have applied the organic method from the beginning, following a philosophy based on collaboration with nature, raising chickens in a natural and balanced way, respecting animal welfare and with great attention to biodiversity. The entire production is ICEA certified organic with AIAB guarantee.

In short, now that we know that chicken is truly genuine, all we have to do is arm ourselves with an apron and prepare this very quick recipe.

Ingredients for organic chicken rolls with salami paste

  • 400 g of organic chicken breast
  • 100g of salami paste
  • 100g of melted cheese of your choice
  • 50 g of butter
  • white cooking wine to taste
  • meat broth to taste (boiled box)
  • Salt and Pepper To Taste

Chicken rolls procedure

We prepare the meat broth with the ingredients we find in our boiled boxes. In the meantime, take our chicken breast slices and flatten them with a meat mallet or a floured rolling pin.

We place our breast in slices on a surface with baking paper and on each slice we put a spoonful of salami paste (which we will distribute with our hands), the cheese that we have cut into thin slices and a twist of pepper.

Once created, roll up the chicken fillets and secure them with 1 or more toothpicks, so that the filling is well closed inside and does not come out during cooking.

Let's move on to cooking. We put a knob of butter in a non-stick pan, as soon as it has melted we place our organic chicken rolls. Let it brown on medium heat for 2/3 minutes then add the white wine.

We lower the heat and cover our rolls with the meat broth. Now let's brown it well for at least 25 minutes. If they dry out during cooking, add the broth one ladle at a time.

Here we are ready to serve our super tasty and quick to prepare rolls. We added a side of puree but you can opt for salad or vegetables of your choice.