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Alla veneziana

Venetian liver

The quick recipe for Venetian liver

It's easy to say offal, but when you have to cook it, things get complicated. Bovine liver is a cut of meat belonging to the fifth quarter which, especially in the most nostalgic souls, evokes childhood memories .

Venetian liver represents the dish par excellence which in the common imagination comes close to the fifth quarter.

After all, it is a delicious dish, rich in flavour, healthy and genuine. The ease of preparation comes to the aid of chefs - or expert chefs - who want to bring a tasty and simple to prepare dish to the table.

The undisputed master of the Venetian tradition, Venetian liver - even the name says so - is perhaps among the best known, in second place is Milanese tripe and heart.

Onion is the unrecognized twin ingredient that accompanies the perfect Venetian liver. Alongside there are figs which represent the ideal combination to offer an excellent balance.

Nonetheless, the modern recipe sees figs overtaking onions and reaching the podium among the essential ingredients.

Our recipe is based on the Venetian tradition and chooses to combine beef liver and onions.

Venetian liver recipe


  • 500 g of bovine liver
  • 2 white onions
  • 1 tablespoon butter at room temperature
  • 2 glasses of water
  • half a coffee cup of white wine vinegar
  • Extra virgin olive oil 1 litre
  • black pepper, sage herb and salt to taste


Place a pan on the heat and melt the butter with the extra virgin olive oil.

In the meantime, wash, peel and finely cut the onions and sage herb. Add the onions and let them fry, when they are golden add the water, the sage herb and the white wine vinegar. Let it evaporate for at least five minutes on a moderate flame.

Direct your attention to the slices of beef liver: rinse them in running water and, using a paper towel, remove the excess water.

Place them in the pan and turn them after at least five minutes of cooking, then cook for another five minutes and sprinkle a pinch of pepper.

Now, it's time to dish up! Remove the beef liver from the heat, transfer it to a serving plate, add a pinch of salt and...Enjoy your meal!

Intense flavor, strong taste, inviting aroma. The dish should be enjoyed hot!