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Limited edition

Old cow rib with onions

Old cow rib eye with onions and paprika: Iberian flavours

The Galician Vaca Veja breed is little known to many, generally only true beef connoisseurs know about it, or those who choose to taste particular quality meat and find delicacies around the world. After long trips around the world, on this tour we recommend a stop in nearby Spain and reaching the Iberian peninsula to discover old cow meat - aka Galician cow meat or rubia galicia - which is increasingly climbing the rankings of fine meats world.

But why buy old cow meat online?

Be careful, by old cow we do not always mean an animal that is objectively old, or we mean meat that comes from the Galician breed, but we are also talking about an animal that is slaughtered and marketed much later than other cuts of meat that we are used to. buy in the butcher shops near your home. The timing gives the meat unique and very particular flavors that can only be fully understood by purchasing this type of meat.

Here then, the union between the Iberian tradition and the quality of matured meat come together in our new limited edition "old cow" line: to experiment and enhance the meat of our adult Friesians. The marbled meat from old cows has unique taste characteristics, also underlined by the skilful long, dry aged maturation.

How to enjoy an old cow rib?

Just mentioning the word rib and thinking about the scent it releases as soon as it is cooked makes us salivate which, if accompanied by the flavored onions on the side dish, the dish manages to receive huge applause. Obviously, in addition to the sight and the aroma, it is necessary to follow a precise procedure to carry out the cooking and offer a spectacular taste experience with Spanish aromas and ensure that diners enjoy the typical nature of this fine meat - often compared to Kobe meat -. The secrets for good grilled meat are obviously always the same: a good cut of meat and a very hot plate!

Old cow rib recipe with onion and paprika

Ingredients for 2 people

  • 2 x 700 g of old cow rib
  • 60 g of butter
  • 4 white onions
  • extra virgin olive oil to taste
  • paprika to taste
  • salt with aromatic herbs - Salt Flakes 61- Roast
  • pepper as needed
  • to be enjoyed with a Riserva Red Beer


The process is super quick but will yield a unique result. We take our ribs and prepare a short marinade with oil, salt flavored with herbs - or chopped aromatic herbs - pepper and sweet paprika.

Let's now let the old cow ribs rest in the refrigerator for about a couple of hours after covering the baking dish with transparent paper. In the meantime, brown the onions cut into very thin slices in a pan with butter, turn off the heat and leave to rest.

Remove the meat from the refrigerator and let it return to room temperature for at least 30 minutes. Meanwhile, let's prepare the fire or the grill and when we have reached the right temperature, put the ribs on the fire.

We leave it on the heat, taking care to cook both sides for the time necessary to create a nice crunchy crust on the end - at a temperature of 80°C inside.

As soon as they are ready, remove from the heat, season with herb salt and serve accompanied with the previously prepared onions and sprinkle with paprika. We bring it to the table and enjoy it with a good red beer.