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La costata fiorentina

Tasty T-Bone

T-Bone Steak

If in Italy we define the T-bone steak as the Florentine rib , across the borders they choose to use a more international name that recalls a very famous cartoon: the T-Bone .

The clarification, in this case, is a must: in reality the Flintstones steak is the Tomahawk, abnormally large for insatiable carnivores, nevertheless the T-Bone steak can be defined as the younger sister.

The most succulent part and responsible for the flavor and unique appearance of this particular beef Florentine steak is given by the presence of the fillet which, combined with the bone, offers the T-Bone steak a unique appearance - and flavour .

Consistent, bulky, full-bodied and tasty, the beef Florentine steak manages to satisfy the most demanding palates .

A grill, a good griller, genuine meat and that's it! Your taste buds will thank you for the fantastic choice!

The Florentine rib and the Academy

The Tuscany region and the city of Florence pay particular attention to this delicious dish recognized throughout the world.

Respect for traditional standards , combined with the expert hands of Florentine butchers, allow the trade to be exclusive and flourishing .

In the Statute of the Fiorentina Academy you can read the guidelines that allow a steak to become a first-rate gastronomic excellence. To be defined as such, the Florentine rib must:

  • come from cattle aged between 15 and 18 months
  • to be a “ beautiful rose
  • 5 centimeters thick and at least 800 grams in weight
  • grilled over hot oak coals respecting the Florentine gastronomic art

In short, seriousness is a fundamental element to ensure that the Florentine rib continues to be so attractive.

Respect for tradition is one of the added values ​​that create a common thread in many preparations, both when you enjoy preparing regional dishes and when choosing the butchers from which to purchase meat.

Difference between ribeye and Florentine steak

There are no differences between ribeye and Florentine steak. This statement is the best way to antagonize any Tuscan, just to be clear.

In addition to popular beliefs, there are renowned master butchers who tell and satisfy the curiosities of meat lovers, among the most classic questions is: "What is the difference between ribeye and Florentine steak?"

The answer is very simple, short, immediate and of inestimable value for the taste buds of any carnivore: the fillet .

After all, the fillet is the detail that allows the Florentine rib to be - and remain - an exceptional dish and a renowned attraction for tourists and beyond.

On a technical level, and more specifically for the cut of meat, there is another difference between ribeye and Florentine which identifies their value: both cuts of meat are obtained from the loin , the ribs are obtained from the front part, while from the rear the Florentines .

Whatever you want to say...

Adult beef rib, T-bone steak, Florentine rib, T-Bone steak…

Whatever name you choose, bringing a quality steak to the table takes courage. The preparation, the cooking, the grill and the side dish.

A multitude of details revolve around the adult beef rib which, when combined, make the meal experience something unique and magical.

In fact, by purchasing this particular cut of meat you can put your culinary arts to the test and be able to offer diners a substantial dish.

Perfect for summer barbecues, the T-Bone steak goes well with other preparations that require marinating and subsequent cooking , or for the more experienced you can choose reverse cooking. In short, whatever the cooking method, relying on master butchers who raise animals respecting tradition is a guaranteed source of success.

The Florentine rib and full of energy

Sizes are not deceiving and finding a lady's T-Bone steak on your plate means reaching the awareness that you will leave the table with a full belly.

The more fussy ones would like to emphasize the nutritional properties that the adult beef rib brings with it, no problem, here they are satisfied!

The first element that stands out is the protein source, an avalanche of protein in the form of succulent red meat.

Secondly, it is worth pointing out that a T-Bone steak does not contain dietary fiber , lactose or gluten , but it does have good amounts of the purines and amino acid phenylalanine.

The Florentine rib has other elements that compose it such as water-soluble vitamins of group B and mineral salts such as phosphorus , iron , zinc and potassium .

In short, the Florentine coast is an (almost) inexhaustible source of components necessary for our energy, the unique flavor and enjoyment of the dish are transformed into essential elements for our organism.

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