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As well as Maldon salt

Maldon salt represents a must in starred kitchens , its composition, the allure around its production, its unique origin and its spectacular consistency make it a prized product . However, there are other types of salt that contribute to the good - and beautiful - success of a dish, let's find out what they are.

Steak and salt : an indissoluble bond

A steak, as we know, cannot be tasteless . The flavor that is accentuated or weakened thanks to salt is a fundamental element that contributes to giving strength or delicacy to the dish, which is why it is necessary to choose wisely and learn to use the right salt for every occasion.

Salting is a fundamental process especially when we are preparing to bring dishes cooked on the barbecue to the table. For example, the cuts of meat contained in the BBQ Box represent fertile ground for your experiments with various types of salt from around the world.

When you put quality meat on the fire - or on the embers - you need to pay a lot of attention to avoid ruining all your efforts!

How to choose salt?

The perfect steak , to be defined as such, must be subjected to a defined and specific process. First of all, you need to choose the ideal cut of meat for the cooking you are preparing to do, furthermore it is a good idea to prefer a product of controlled origin that is healthy and genuine at the same time, in other words, quality meat is improve.

In addition to this detail - which only appears to be such - it is preferable to find the right marinade and, indeed, the salt to add at the end of cooking , just before bringing the dish to the table, when the aroma has expanded into the air and everyone will be waiting for you like children on Christmas Day! The only element that could cause confusion is the preference for one type of salt rather than another.

In fact, on the market, in addition to the classic table salt which is divided into fine or coarse, there are other types of salt defined as " gastronomic salts ", each of them has different characteristics due to the method of preparation and in some cases from contamination with other minerals.

The characteristics of salt

Origin is just one of the elements that differentiates one type of salt from another. In addition to this factor, flavor influences the determination of characteristics.

Flavor is the intensity of the flavour, i.e. that added value which, when dosed properly, contributes to giving the dish a unique and refined flavour.

Alongside the flavor, there is the consistency which, especially in full-bodied cuts of meat such as Florentine steak, need to be presented to the table with the right garnish and a sour touch given by the graininess of the salt.

The consistency and three-dimensionality of the grains are the visual factors that intervene in the mise en plase of the dish and contribute to the beautiful appearance. The last element to consider is the contagion mineral , i.e. the origin of the salt and the type of preparation. This factor is essential to match the salt to the meat and provide the right nutritional value to the dish as a whole.

Nine types of salt

Gastronomic or gourmet salt is also called white gold, since the peculiar characteristic of each one contributes to making them unique both in terms of flavor and aesthetics.

Black salt

Black salt has its origins in Hawaii and is a sea salt treated with activated carbon which gives it a delicate flavor and a particular colour, which is why it is perfect when combined with fish or white meat .

Red salt

Red salt comes from Hawaii and unlike its black cousin it is rich in minerals - especially iron - which is why it has a binding flavor and is used in the preparation of stews and soups .

Cyprus salt

Cyprus salt is also called flaked salt due to its particular shape. Consistent and tasty, it is suitable for dishes that require a strong and long-lasting flavour .

Ebro Delta salt flower

The Biosphere Reserve boasts a traditional and ancient preparation that allows the creation of a delicate and sometimes velvety type of salt, ideal for refined and refined dishes.

Persian blue salt

Intense and colourful, Persian Blue salt manages to amaze, and thanks to its extractive characteristics it is used above all in the preparation of extravagant desserts .

Himalayan pink salt

The main characteristic is the absence of iodine , and for this reason it is delicate on the palate. Its winning combination is with both red meat and white meat , in the first case it is the marinade that dominates, while in the second - usually - it is the diet.

Smoked salt

The elements that interact in this preparation are: calcium , magnesium , potassium , iron , sodium chloride and zinc . This is why smoked salt is also called complete and precious. Smoking occurs when it comes into contact with the combustion of some aromatic woods which contribute to the intense and defined flavour.

Gray salt

Gray salt traces its origins to the salt pans of the Celtic Sea on the border between France and Great Britain. Its peculiarity is given by human manipulation, i.e. harvesting by hand and subsequent crystallization in contact with natural clays .

Maldon Salt

Maldon salt is perhaps the most famous product that lends itself to pairing with the perfect steak. The characteristic that makes it so famous is the crunchiness which, thanks to the consistency of the flakes, manages to prolong the flavor and flavor.

There is salt and salt

The combination of meat and salt is therefore a winning one if you choose the right salt . While on the one hand the preference for a particular cut of meat of controlled origin is a duty, the desire to experiment with the addition of a particular salt becomes almost a pleasure.

Maldon salt remains the absolute king of barbecue , to amaze guests and bring dishes worthy of the wow effect to the table you can choose the combination with Tomahawk.

In short, making the barbecue a perfect moment is easy if you choose the right ingredients which, alongside an initial surprise, are accompanied by a refined and well-defined flavour.