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Cottura perfetta

Josper oven

From Spain without the necessary fuss, here is the tool that revolutionizes cooking methods by offering a sort of indoor barbecue without the problem of excessive smoke!

What is the Josper oven ?

The Josper oven is a tool present above all in kitchens with barbecue-style cooking as its flagship.

The tool has Spanish origins and was once used to give the meat during cooking a sensation of external crunchiness while keeping the inside soft and juicy.

Just like the classic summer grill, the Josper oven manages to respond to the increasingly refined needs of starred kitchens and at the same time, thanks to market innovation, adapts to home kitchens. Choose the meat you want to bring to the table and adapt your kitchen tools. This seems to be the 2.0 mantra of the manufacturers of this particular appliance .

Big or small it doesn't matter, what makes it unique and represents its most important peculiarity is the presence of a modular draft system capable of creating or closing the air inside the oven, by doing so the cooking undergoes variations that increase the characteristics of the meat.

The two in one

The Josper oven represents a fantastic alternative for those who want to drastically reduce cooking times without giving up the goodness of the dish. After all, the appliance, although difficult to approach (there are many variables to consider to modify the draft), represents the perfect union between the grill and the classic oven .

How many cuts of meat require switching between the two tools? Many, if you want to achieve perfect cooking: the Josper oven solves the dilemma and allows you to bring tasty, tasty and perfectly cooked dishes to the table without biblical times.

What is needed is practice, once the initial period has passed you can obtain spectacular meats thanks to a single tool, the Josper oven.

Maintenance and consumption

Among the advantages that make the Josper oven unmatched are maintenance and coal consumption .

In percentage terms, the use of charcoal to complete the cooking phase of grilled meat does not exceed 40% compared to a normal barbecue, in short, it seems to be an excellent saving .

Maintenance represents the simplest thing one can imagine, the only precaution that applies to any instrument that comes into contact with food is cleaning after use: enjoy the meal, let the appliance cool down and intervene with some kitchen paper to remove any traces and residues.

In practice it is necessary to empty the drawer with the consumed coal and clean the flue at least every six months, in any case it depends on the use.

There is more than meat

The Josper oven was created to perfectly and quickly cook the perfect cuts of meat for the barbecue: Florentine steaks, ribs, ribs, Tomahawk. The authenticity of the meat such as the cuts of meat contained in the Bovì BBQ Box are the perfect example of this.

Nonetheless, the adaptability of this appliance lends itself to cooking otherwise unlikely foods such as: eggs, seafood, rice and vegetables. The trick lies in choosing foods to cook at the same time that have similar cooking times and in any case, if there is a risk of the product melting, choosing to use aluminum foil as a prehistoric pan.

The winning combination? Eggs and Tomahawks! An original, genuine, healthy dish and, thanks to the Josper oven, rich in refined flavour. Good fun!