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La bistecca dei Flintstone

The Tomahawk

Do you remember her? Many people as children were amazed when Fred Flintstone drove around town with a giant steak on the roof rack. How many laughs!

Did you know that there is such a thing as a steak with disproportionate dimensions ? Its flavor is strong, its meat is tender and offers its best when diners abandon etiquette and eat with their hands!

It's called Tomahawk and, in our online store dedicated to beef you can find this special cut of meat.


Tomahawk steak is ribeye steak and corresponds to the sirloin cut of meat. A portion five vertebrae long - from the first to the fifth - provides this special product that represents the dream of true grillers.

Unlike other cuts, the Tomahawk is not deprived of approximately 30 centimeters of excess bone but, after being cleaned of the cartilage, offers the steak a stronger and more defined flavor during cooking.

The butcher decides how big the steak will be based on the size of the bone: for this reason its measurements can vary from 800 g to 1.2 kg. In short, portions for strong stomachs!

Initially the particular and prestigious cut came from a particular and rare breed of Australian beef, which was born from the cross between the Black Angus and the highly prized Wagyu, subsequently we began to pay more attention to the feeding of the animals and obtain this special steak also from other breeds of cattle, less renowned but capable of offering compact, tender and tasty meat in equal measure.

The use is almost exclusively intended for grilling , the strong marbling and the presence of the bone give the meat with this particular cooking a unique, tenacious and full flavour. Suitable for all palates, the Tomahawk steak prefers the hungry!

The particular name derives from the ancient ax used by American Indians, today the images of fearless and hungry carnivores grappling with a Tomahawk steak of stratospheric dimensions make you smile and think... why not?

The name says it all

Make sure you have your legs under the table, a napkin stuck in your shirt collar and your hands smelling of soap. Why?

The name Tomahawk has multiple meanings and could be a battle axe, as well as a cruise missile, in short, when you say that the name is all a program.

Over the years, the name Tomahawk has been used for the most disparate meanings. The most curious is the Dodge Tomahawk which represents the most powerful motorcycle in the world. When it was produced it left the public amazed because it was equipped with four wheels and capable of reaching 0-100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds.

This is why the Tomahawk steak is called that: it leaves diners amazed , both for the size and for the delicacy of its meat.

This special cut comes from America and amplifies its name as it has been linked to power and strength. The similarity in its shape to an ax suggests the bloody battles that the Red Indians suffered and gives an alternative vision to its name.

How is it cooked ?

The Tomahawk steak requires particular attention especially in the preparation phase of the dish.

It is important that the steak, after being removed from the refrigerator at least an hour before cooking, is dried of excess water and blood . Subsequently it is recommended to massage the steak and leave it to soak with extra virgin olive oil , so as to allow the oil to penetrate the grain.

To ensure that the expression and flavor of the meat reaches its peak, you also need to pay attention to the cooking phase. By observing the great Australian chefs, who were the first to deal with the Tomahawk steak, we can take inspiration and prepare a delicious dish.

Here is the step by step process :

  • Prepare the grill and the embers and at the same time turn on the oven
  • Brown the super steak for two minutes on both sides, paying attention to the flame, it must be high to prevent the juices from escaping
  • Wrap the Tomahawk steak in foil and leave in the oven at 120° until cooked and to your liking
  • Now? Remove the steak from the oven, leaving it wrapped in foil to let the fibers rest without the meat getting cold
  • Adding a pinch of salt and a handful of pepper completes the dish

The Tomahawk steak is ready to be served and…devoured! The extra touch? Use Maldon salt to enhance the flavor of the meat, in this way you will amaze diners with the aesthetics and... with the taste!

Where can you buy it ?

Thanks to the studies carried out on the importance of nutrition, today it is possible to obtain Tomahawk steaks with a unique flavor and astonishing dimensions even in Italy . Several restaurants on our peninsula have included this product as a special element capable of attracting all attention to itself.

If you also want to amaze your guests at the next barbecue you absolutely must visit our cattle section with prestigious cuts and meat supply boxes suitable for the whole family.

The delicacy of the Tomahawk is also measured by the breeder's ability to raise an animal with a controlled and dedicated diet. The premises offer a tender product with a characteristic flavor that manages to make the difference.