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Bone with marrow

The marrow contained in the beef femur is a spectacular component capable of giving an authentic and unique taste to the dishes that contain it.

The choice to use it in the kitchen is an excellent solution for many dishes ranging from typical Lombard first courses such as Milanese risotto or delicious second courses such as baked ossobuco with taragna polenta.

But, let's go in order: before discovering which combinations enhance osso buco with marrow, it is necessary to start with a fundamental distinction.

Ossobuco with marrow slices or baguettes

The marrow is a soft tissue located in the long, flat bones of the animal. Generally, femurs are used because they contain a good percentage of this ingredient but the ribs also have it, albeit to a lesser extent.

In addition to the location, it is important to underline the type of cut that the bone with marrow can offer: in rounds or baguettes .

The round cut

The round cut is perfect for broth and is the most used, it lends itself to multiple stewed processes and offers the guarantee of significantly increasing the flavor of the dish.

The chefs' advice is to use gauze to immerse the osso bucco in the broth, so as to prevent small fragments of bone from getting lost during the preparation of the dish.

The baguette cut

With a vertical incision of the beef femur, the baguette-shaped osso buco is obtained: in addition to the appearance, it is the preparation that differentiates it from the sliced ​​cut.

Excellent for baked preparations , it manages to satisfy the palate by giving the dish a strong and well-defined flavour.

The baguette cut is perfect for preparing delicious bruschetta , thanks to its presentation it is easier to handle and lends itself to multiple processes.

Ossobuco for a starry combination

The St. Jones restaurant in London owes its renowned name to a dish. A single dish made up of simple elements. Less is more seems to be the guideline of this famous place which offers: roasted marrow bones, i.e. baked veal marrow.

The ingredients that make up the dish and which together form a perfect combo are: marrow , slices of toasted bread , a delicate salad made with parsley and Brittany salt - similar in prestige to Maldon salt . The ingredients are in perfect balance , in fact, where the flavor of the marrow stands out.

The secret to allowing the bone with marrow to be the undisputed protagonist of the dish is to combine it with ingredients capable of creating a delicate side dish : after all, this seems to be the secret that chef Fergus Henderson uses to prepare the renowned dish.

Ossobuco for a Lombard combination

The province of Lombardy, or rather, the surrounding area of ​​Milan, tells of a use with excellent results for the bone with marrow: Milanese risotto . Strictly yellow, the rice grains are enriched with a full-bodied and tasty broth that offers a unique and undisputed flavour.

Tradition sees ossobuco in gremolada accompanied with yellow risotto. The marrow thus becomes the protagonist of the dish and of the unique flavor of the risotto with saffron.

Ossobuco for a Venetian pairing

The bone with marrow in Veneto translates into a dish with a decisive name: Paerà - pepata, i.e. a sauce used as a condiment .

Originally Paerà was a dish prepared by the poor , their social condition forced them to make do with a few ingredients that were easy to find and inexpensive. Inventiveness was a fundamental element to avoid sinking into despair. Choosing to create this dish composed of grated stale bread, meat broth enriched with marrow and pepper - lots of pepper - is an easy solution to the problem.

The modern twist sees the addition of butter and parmesan to make the sauce more appetizing.

Paerà is perfect to accompany boiled meat , perhaps alongside homemade mustard.

Ossobuco for a classic combination

Lombardy is among the Italian regions that best supports the idea that bone with marrow is a complete and versatile dish.

If Milan prefers to accompany ossobuco with Milanese risotto, the rest of Lombardy also appreciates stewed cooking accompanied by spinach with butter or the more classic polenta.

The dish is perfect for autumn Sundays when the cold starts to become biting and you choose to put a warming dish on the table.

The additional idea? Prepare multiple side dishes to create different combinations capable of making the whole family happy: polenta, spinach and roast potatoes.

Ossobuco for a combination you don't expect

Romagna chooses to use the bone with marrow for a typical dish born from simple and traditional cuisine: Passatelli .

The first course is the result of a simple dough created with ingredients capable of giving a particular and sparkling taste.

Breadcrumbs, organic lemon zest, eggs, nutmeg and marrow. The last ingredient allows for a stronger and more authentic flavour, after all this is the characteristic that the bone with marrow jealously guards.

Bone with marrow, an easy choice

The recipe you want to bring to the table determines the necessary cut. Bovì comes to the rescue and offers multiple proposals capable of adapting even to extravagant preparations without forgetting the authenticity of the products.

The desire to create a common thread between the ingredients, full respect for animals and the surrounding area are fundamental principles that represent the Mission of Bovì and its affiliated companies.

Choose the Bovì Box to be sure of bringing a controlled and genuine cut of meat to the table.

Choose the bone with marrow product to create imaginative combinations in the kitchen taking inspiration from the recipes proposed.