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Scaramella or white wine? Here are the differences !

Boiled scaramella or grilled blancho?

Recipes that feature white wine or scaramella have reached record numbers. The rapid rise in popularity is due to the ease of preparation and versatility that the cut of meat can offer.

When the choice becomes a little too crowded, it is necessary to clarify and define in detail what differences exist between the two sections of the cut of beef. What is important to underline is the preference for long and slow cooking, in short, the perfect solution for the approaching gloomy days, where putting a hot and steaming dish on the table becomes a real pleasure.

What is Scaramella?

Scaramella is a section of the cut of meat used for boiled meat. It is obtained from beef, veal or veal and is a delicacy that comes from the back, a detail between the back and the chest. Its exceptional nature is given by the presence of intercostal muscles and the softness of the meat.

In the classification of categories, the scaramella falls into the third choice cuts, extremely cheap and not very sought after, however it lends itself to multiple processes in the kitchen and becomes an excellent starting point for delicious dishes. Among the dishes that can be prepared there are: tasty broths, stews, braised and boiled meats.

What is whitewash?

White steak recipes are famous for the presence - in large and tasty quantities - of fat, bones and cartilage.

Stews, burgers, boiled meats and stews require rich, juicy cuts of meat, where fat is a fundamental component for creating a tasty sauce and a soft bite.

The presence of the bones differentiates it from the scaramella and the doppelganger, this peculiarity offers a particular and sublime taste especially in the preparation of some dishes. The idea of ​​boiled meat lends itself perfectly to pleading the cause thanks - also and not only - to the preparation of the dish which requires additions such as curious sauces or great classics. The economical and rather mistreated cut preserves intact another characteristic of no small importance in this period of austerity: its yield is worth the expense, since it keeps its volume intact without being reduced to a nouvelle cuisine style dish.

How is the blancho or the scaramella preserved?

Even before going into detail and describing the subtle differences between the blancostato recipes and the instructions on how to prepare the scaramella, it is necessary to make a necessary note. Preserving the cut of meat, immediately after purchase, becomes the deciding factor for optimal cooking and the creation of a sublime dish.

As a general rule, once purchased the meat must be removed from its packaging, blotted with absorbent kitchen paper and portioned. If you intend to consume it in the following 2-3 days, you can place it in the refrigerator after covering it with transparent film, otherwise it can be stored using the appropriate bags.

There are other practices for preserving meat, such as the vacuum-packed version proposed by Carne online Genuina which keeps the primary characteristics intact without undergoing contact with the air.

How to cook the scaramella and the blancho?

The cut of beef belongs to the third choice and despite this bad reputation, it is very successful thanks to the multifaceted feature that tells how to cook beef steak or baked scaramella. Here are some simple preparations and ideas from which to take inspiration for your next shopping trip.

White veal, preferably stewed

The presence of fat, cartilage and bones strongly recalls the preference for stewed cooking such as stews and boiled meat. For the blancho boiled in a pressure cooker, the perfect added value is the choice of accompanying sauces which transform from a delicate setting into excellent co-protagonists.

Blanch broth

Another lap and another race! When the freezer calls you need to empty it and make room. What to do with that piece of blanchin sitting at the bottom of the appliance waiting to turn into a boiled succulent?

Simple, just remove it, wait for it to reach room temperature and put it in the pan to cook.

Dip the beef steak in cold water with carrots, onions and celery, leave to cook until the meat is soft, filter the cooking water and transform it into ready-to-use broth, for the meat you need to bring it to the table!

Baked scaramella

The version of the baked cut of meat involves only the presence of the leanest meat, cleaned of the fatty and leathery part. The preparation of the dish requires the addition of white wine and terrace aromas, but it is still imagination that reigns supreme and suggests variations on the theme. The choice to proceed with slow cooking with adjustments of meat broth, perhaps prepared with blanchin, offers the dish that complete and compact flavour, which is so tasty!

Grilled scaramella

The grill with a third choice cut could make many turn up their noses. However, before judging you need to try and only then express an opinion which will become complicated because the mouth watering will choose to go further and taste the inviting morsel.

The secret of this preparation is in the rubs which, calibrated and chosen to perfection, make the dish sublime and inimitable.

Remove some of the fat and the toughest parts of the cut of meat and off to the grill! Maybe adding a little pork to make a tasty and rich dish.

Boiled candy

The perfect solution for a Sunday lunch in Piedmont and beyond, obviously if it includes green sauce! The procedure requires cleaning the surface of the meat and cooking it as it is, in order to allow the heat of the cooking phase time to melt the fat and increase the taste which will be completed with the famous sauce chosen as a companion. Cooking requires the addition of simple vegetables - those for sautéing - so as to bring back the flavor of the meat cooked by grandmother, a dive into tradition!