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I have some ragù sauce left over , now what?

What to do with leftover ragù?

A dilemma that many people have in common and especially in the winter season, it becomes a real obstacle. Preparing too little ragù, given the long cooking time and the sublime aroma, is a bit like wasting time, but at the same time, overdoing it risks turning into a waste. We therefore need a solution - or even more than one - to understand what to do with the excess meat sauce.

Cuisine, especially Italian cuisine, offers numerous solutions, imagination becomes a very valid ally and the addition of vegetables transforms a tasty ingredient into a perfect protagonist. Courgettes stuffed with ragù, courgette flowers, meatballs, polenta with ragù and supplì. Some of the possible solutions that just thinking about them make your mouth water. Let's go in order.

White meat ragù or Bolognese ragù, original recipe?

Recycling is an operation to be chosen carefully, avoiding improvisation in every way. It is necessary to carefully analyze what the starting point is and the reason is easily explained, sorry written. If the meat sauce is in the white version, it is preferable to accompany it with soft vegetables, which can complete the flavor without covering it or making the dish dry. The perfect solution is stuffed courgettes or courgette flowers.

If, however, it is the original Bolognese ragù recipe that remains disconsolate in the pan, well, the panorama expands quite a bit: polenta concia, typical supplì and flans to be baked in single portions to enrich the platter of cured meats and cheeses with tasty solutions. Here fantasy appears again and chooses to impose all its potential, obviously with extreme criteria.

Leftover ragù? 4 ready-to-use solutions

Although the ideas can be endless, Carne online Genuina chooses to propose four ideas that are easy to replicate and basic, so as to allow you to leave the variations free and bring to the table special dishes created thanks to the products present at home, in short without waste and without costs .

It is important to remember that the product can also be stored in the freezer, perhaps portioned into convenient glasses so as to be ready for the next lunch or for the recipe that requires its presence.

Polenta pie with ragù

The meat sauce becomes the protagonist together with the polenta and the dish manages to become a perfect example of a multifaceted course. Cheerful and tasty: on the one hand the lively color between red and yellow and on the other a delicious solution.

The preparation is simple: after preparing the polenta (if it is advanced you need to cut it into rather thick slices) you create nests when plating and pour a ladle of ragù in the middle.

As a garnish you can use a sprig of basil, which goes hand in hand with the tomato!

Rustic pie with Bolognese ragù

A slightly more high-sounding solution to underline the traditional importance of Bolognese ragù. Combining it with shortcrust pastry becomes a brilliant idea that transforms a leftover into a wonderful second occasion!

The preparation is very easy: cut the pasta with a pastry cutter and line the mould, fill with the meat sauce, mozzarella or ricotta, a pinch of pepper and salt and an egg yolk to thicken everything, cover with more pasta brisee.

Bake in the oven and go!

Courgettes stuffed with ragù

If they are round it is better, exclusively for a hint of fullness and sight and less effort in preparation, just empty them of the pulp, place them on a baking dish, fill with the leftover Bolognese sauce or a simple ragù and bake.

Easy, or rather very easy, stuffed courgettes are the most common, quick and ideal solution for giving ragù a second and delicious chance. With the same procedure, we can also prepare aubergines stuffed with ragù.

Supplied with meat sauce

If the previous ideas are tasty but have something that isn't convincing, the supplì solution will conquer even the palates most attached to the territory and eager to understand what to do with the meat sauce without deviating too much from tradition. The supplì is something that teases and gives smiles, already from the name.

In Rome, a certain "Franchino er criminal" has created an interactive map to tell the people of the web where to find the richest and most substantial supplì in the capital, in short, it is something national.

The preparation requires frying, the addition of basmati rice and good manual skills to create the product, you need experience and the desire to put your hands in the dough, sorry, in the ragù!