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Reverse sear method

Reverse burning

Half cooked? Double cooking! It seems like a play on words, but it is the perfect synthesis of reverse sear: a method that is defined around the world by the term " Reverse Sear Method ".

The procedure takes inspiration from the kitchens of large steakhouses which, in order to speed up service, gave the meat an initial flame and then continued cooking in the oven.

The reverse sear method reverses the cooking order and starts with a very low flame cooking and then ends with a blaze.

The turnaround in reverse burning

Today the Reverse Sear method is used starting with cooking over a low flame and then ending with a vigorous flame capable of leaving free space for the Maillard reaction.

In fact, it is precisely the Maillard reaction that is the main cause for the trend reversal : cooking over low heat guarantees homogeneous meat, while the final flame allows the creation of a crunchy and juicy crust .

The reverse sear is perfect for those who love to enjoy steaks that are not too rare but not overly cooked either, it is exactly the medium cooking level that allows the reverse sear to create the perfect combo between inside and outside.

The types of cooking

In the culinary field there are three degrees of cooking of the steak which differ from each other in terms of the length of time spent on the fire. If it is true that some cuts of meat prefer prolonged cooking such as osso buco or stew, it is equally true that, to guarantee a respectable Fiorentina or T-Bone , it is necessary to choose one of the three types of cooking.

The popular question in steakhouses is: Rare? Medium rare or well done?

Reverse burning gives its explosion in terms of flavor when the first phase, i.e. low flame cooking, is between 60°C and 70°C . If the temperature is lower you are compromising the cut of meat, otherwise if it is higher you risk getting an almost non-existent Maillard reaction.

The advice is to use an electronic meat thermometer , you will be able to control the temperature with the right precision.

The step by step method

The reverse burn is obtained from the sum of two diametrically opposite cooking degrees: first the low flame , then the high flame . To offer the right Maillard reaction, i.e. the creation of the crust around the steak which will make it crispy, it is necessary to opt for two different types of cooking:

  • an oven and a cast iron skillet
  • an oven and barbecue

In short, to guarantee the success of the operation the tools are only a surplus. Use the barbecue if you want to dare, choose the cast iron pan if you prefer to be sure of a good result.

The barbecue with a charcoal grill represents the must, the true added value that intervenes both in terms of flavor and in terms of maneuvers. Use a kitchen thermometer to best help you manage the temperature: this factor is also quite important to complete the Reverse Sears method.

The necessary


First phase

Turn the oven on to 135°C and wait for it to reach temperature. In the meantime, dab the Fiorentina with absorbent paper to eliminate excess juices. It is important that the cut of meat is cooked at room temperature.

When the oven has reached the temperature: move the steak onto a baking tray , add a pinch of salt and pepper and bake for at least 45 minutes : the internal temperature of the meat must be 51°C .

Second phase

When cooking in the oven is almost complete, put a cast iron pan on the heat , heat the plate and place the Fiorentina, leaving both sides to sear for a minute each. Add some Maldon salt crystals to increase the color contrast and add a gourmet touch.

Bring to the table and taste the Fiorentina cooked using the reverse burning method.

Meat cuts for reverse searing

The secret to obtaining a respectable reverse burn depends on the strategic combination of some factors:

  • the height of the meat cut
  • the marbling
  • the cooking temperature in the first phase
  • the time spent on the fire in the second phase

Bovì, thanks to the Boxes and individual cuts of meat, offers two different solutions for trying reverse searing.

Fiorentina, Porterhouse and T-Bone allow maximum yield to obtain a succulent and particular dish. The idea is to bring different dishes to the table which, added together, offer the possibility of best expressing the quality of the meat and the perfect balance created with the condiments, side dishes and cooking method.

The secret ingredient? Fantasy! Organize, plan and experiment!